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the american life style Social Security

Social Security is a hot topic of debate today, since most American's believe
that the system is near collapse. The trust fund that Americans have been paying
into for Social Security is likely to dry up in 2029 due to the large number of
baby boomers heading into retirement. Franklin Roosevelt set up Social security
to help the people that had worked and Struggled all their lives in honest toil.
Social security was set up to accomplish two main goals. The first goal of
Social Security is to act as a disability or life insurance policy that protects
almost all Americans. Currently, there are seven million survivors of deceased
workers and four million disabled Americans that receive income support from
Social Security. The second goal is to provide lifetime retirement benefits that
rise with inflation. Social Security payments for retirees are needed to keep
half of the elderly Americans above the poverty line. A large number of baby
boomers believe that they won't see a dime's worth of Social Security benefits,
and most younger people assume that once they have reached retirement the
program will be gone. There have been many proposed solutions to the Social
Security problem. A first possible solution is to dramatically change the Social
Security Payroll Tax. Another proposal is to change amount of benefits of the
provided by Social Security. A third reform proposal includes investing Social
Security money in stocks either by the government investing the money or by
setting up mandatory IRA investing. Another major development in the future of
Social Security is the recent proposals made by President Clinton's Advisory
Committee on Social Security. In January of this year the Advisory Committee on
Social Security presented a report of strategies to save Social Security.
Shortly after the 261 page report was released there was a huge increase of
debates and criticism over the future of Social Security. The issue facing
American today is when and how to reform Social Security. Although the American
public and political groups are unwilling to accept the burdens of social
security reform, extensive reform is needed soon to continue paying the current
benefits to American citizens. A change in the Social Security tax is a possible
factor of reform to bring the Social Security program back on track. Currently
the Social Security tax is a flat-rate tax paid on all employment earnings up to
a specified limit. Due to inflation the limit is increased every year currently
it is just over $60,000. This tax is much harder on a lower income individual
because the higher income individual is only taxed on their income that is below
a certain amount set every year. It has been proposed that if the limit on the
payroll tax were lifted, two-thirds of the projected Social Security deficit
would be eliminated. Once the limit on the payroll tax is lifted a rise in the
tax rate of the employers and the employees by 1.1% is predicted to be enough to
solve Social Security's problems. This is assuming that two evasive actions take
place. First the government will have to keep its hands of this extra tax
revenue gained by the tax increases. Second the proposed solution will only have
a chance to work if it is started immediately while the baby boomers are still
able to add a little more cash to the trust fund for there own retirement. This
solution isn't likely to be implemented by today's political system. The
advisory council on Social Security would not pursue the lift of the limit
because the support of the wealthy voters for Social Security reform would be
lost. Americans are also weary of Social Security tax increases. The middle and
lower class voters would also not support a Social Security tax increase. A
recent poll by Money magazine found that 70% of the public is unwilling to pay
more tax than the current 6.2% rate. Another proposed solution to Social
Security's problems is a to decrease the amount of benefits received by
retirees. The first way to reduce the amount of benefits that are being paid out
is to adjust the CPI. Sen. Daniel Monynihan of New York (Dem.) has proposed that
a 1.1% cut in annual cost-of-living adjustments for pensioners would be a
reasonable solution to Social Securities problems. The adjustment of the CPI
would reflect the belief by many economists that the CPI overstates current
inflation. He claims that this would almost completely solve the problems in the
Social Security program by insuring that the expected inflow ... more

the american life style

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Heros of the sixties counter c

Michael Bowen-Artist Michael Bowen was instrumental in many of the key developments in the Haight-Ashbury. He helped Allan Cohen turn his dream of a rainbow-colored newspaper into reality, contributing art, obtaining funding, and even turning his apartment over to The Oracle for office use. Michael, along with the Oracle, organized the Love Pageant Rally, which was held to protest the outlawing of LSD on October 6, 1966. Surprised at the larger than expected turnout, he and others envisioned a much larger gathering, a Human Be-In, which would publicize this breaking new dawn on the cultural landscape. Using his connections, Michael arranged for Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, and others to appear, and organized publicity for this seminal event.
Allen Cohen-Allen Cohen was a young poet from New York, drawn to the Haight-Ashbury by the prevailing bohemian spirit. One night, he dreamed of a psychedelic rainbow-colored newspaper, which would be seen throughout the world. With the support and funding of interested locals, the first issue of The Oracle appeared on the streets of the Haight-Ashbury in September, 1966. With its stunning split-fountain printing and psychedelic artwork, The Oracle was one of the most beautiful newspapers ever printed. At its peak, over 100,000 copies a month were printed, and true to Allens dream, it was indeed seen around the world.

Neil Cassidy-As the model for the non-stop Dean Moriarity in Jack Kerouacs, On the Road, the free-spirited Neil Cassady was already a legend by the time he met a young novelist named Ken Kesey in 1963. With his incredible energy and abilities, Neil demonstrated to the Pranksters just what Furthur really meant. Neils feats as the driver of the Magic Bus defied belief, as did his ability to carry on multiple conversations simultaneously. To those who knew him, Neil was The fastest man alive, a model of being, versus doing. Neil, Jerry Garcia once said,..was unbelievable. He was a true inspiration. There really hasnt been anything like him since.

The Diggers- were a Haight-Ashbury group which mixed much needed social services with a fiery social agenda. Taking the name of a 17th century English commune and promoting their vision of a socialist utopia, they fed hundreds daily in the nearby park, while badgering Haight-Ashbury businesses to distribute their profits to the community. To promote their ideas, they set up a free store on Haight street, held a funeral for the death of money, and engaged in daily street theater. Though their activist style contrasted sharply with the more laid back hippie lifestyle, they were respected for their passionate dedication to what they believed was the greater good, and their ability to get things done. Many of their members were talented artists, poets, and street actors, among them Peter Coyote.

Allen Ginsberg-Allen Ginsberg was a charter member of the 1950s beat movement and its best known poet. Ginsbergs earthy poetry, exploration of eastern spirituality, and support for the use of psychedelics struck a chord with the emerging counterculture, which saw him as a spiritual guide and teacher. He would make an occasional appearance at the Merry Pranksters Acid Tests, where his chanting and poetry readings would, it is said, even have a mellowing effect on the Hells Angels in attendance. His best-known appearance in San Francisco was at the Human Be-In in January, 1967.

Chet Helms-Chet Helms hailed from Texas, where a strong interest in civil rights and social issues attracted him to the Haight-Ashbury community. Believing that rock and roll provided a means to promote those issues, he formed a group called Big Brother and the Holding Company. Shortly afterwards, he took over the reins of a struggling concert promotion enterprise called The Family Dog and organized a series of weekly concerts at the Avalon Ballroom, commissioning local artists to create a series of ground-breaking posters for these events. Though successfully keeping an organization of 40+ employees sustained for five years, as well as being a lead patron for revitalizing the poster as an art form, Chet Helms true interests and energies always lay in the social agenda which first drew him to the Haight-Ashbury.

Timothy Leary- was a rising star in the field of behavioral psychology and a ... more

the american life style


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