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Smoking Smoking 1 The Effects of a Mindfulness Manipulation on Adolescent Smoking Evidence suggests that smoking cigarettes increases the likelihood of suffering from heart disease, emphysema, lung cancer, high blood pressure, and premature aging. The smoker is also at risk of many short-term health consequences such as chronic cough, yellow teeth, and unpleasant breath. Smoking is an expensive habit that can cost up to 1500 dollars per year if the individual smokes a pack per day. Tobacco indus
Unkrainian-American Folklore Purposes of Ukrainian-American Folklore The relatively large Ukrainian community in the United States has many traditions and customs, most of which stem from a feeling of Ukrainian nationalism. As Ukraine was being overtaken by Russia, Ukrainians were immigrating by the thousands to the US. Ukrainians moving to the new world were leaving behind a disappearing culture and moving to a completely different land. Immigrants were proud of their heritage, and many of the
Mind And Machine Mind and Machine: The Essay Technology has traditionally evolved as the result of human needs. Invention, when prized and rewarded, will invariably rise-up to meet the free market demands of society. It is in this realm that Artificial Intelligence research and the resultant expert systems have been forged. Much of the material that relates to the field of Artificial Intelligence deals with human psychology and the nature of consciousness. Exhaustive debate on consciousness and
Welfare On October 29, 1929, the stock market crashed. The crash sent a shock-wave throughout the economy. Banks failed. Businesses closed. Millions found themselves out of work. The Great Depression, which would last through the 1930s, had begun. [Bill of Rights in Action, Welfare, 1998 pg. 1 paragraph 1] When the Great Depression began, about 18 million elderly, disabled, and single mothers with children already lived at a bare existent level in the United States. State and local governments t
The Flame Who Lost His Way It is not possible or commendable in mainstream United States to imitate biblical-times gender role patterns. In biblical times, male and female weren't associated according to gender as much as they were according to relationship. Because of the enmeshed society where individuating was not only not done but wasn't seen as normal or healthy we cannot as individuals in the United States begin to imitate let alone completely understand gender role patterns in biblical-ti
Reality Vs Myth Record 9 of 200 Scripps Howard News Service, SCRIPPS HOWARD NEWS SERVICE, January 17, 1999 MILITARY GETS HIGH GRADES, BUT STILL SHORT OF KING'S DREAM Author: LISA HOFFMAN Topics: race relations blacks armed forces military history Estimated printed pages: 4 Article Text: It is said that the military is the only American institution in which blacks routinely boss whites around. The armed forces were the first segment of U.S. society to desegregate and now - 50 years after the Army
Inetrview With A Person From A Controlled Environment What controlled environment did you spend time in? How long? When I graduated from High School I entered into the Merchant Marine Academy at Fort Schuyler in New York. From then until I was in my mid thirties I was involved with ocean liners, tankers and ships. For periods of one year at a time I would be on a ship traveling the world, making shipments and patrolling the seas. The controlled environment was both on the ship and in the academy
Culture Of Poverty ?Culture of Poverty? The ?culture of poverty? was introduced or was popularized by Oscar Lewis while studying poor families in Mexico and Puerto Rican families San Juan and New York. The theory maintains that culturally based attitudes or predisposition such as ?present-mindedness? and ?obsessive-consumption? are the major barriers to economic mobility for many of the poor. Lewis' theory likewise implies that this is not a short-lived financial predicament for the poor, but a
?Defining The Symbol ?Human beings exist and interact in a reality which they define themselves. Inside of this reality they make use of social objects, that is, anything used between to actors in social situations that have meaning and function in that social environment (Charon 46). Many social objects are used to represent something else and are interpreted to convey more meaning. These social objects are known as symbols and it is the core of the symbolic interactionist perspective. Simply d
Date Rape OUTLINE This research paper is about the issue of acquaintance rape, also known as date rape. In this papers context, I will define acquaintance / date rape. I will discuss how and why it occurs. This paper explores the laws and the judicial system and how they work. I will discuss ethics, myths about acquaintance / date rape, and victims reactions. I will discuss how misinterpretation of sexes are comprehended and misunderstood. I will show how the movie industry and the news media gl
Cuba The Totalitarian Regime That Still Goes On CUBA THE TOTALITARIAN REGIME THAT STILL GOES ON Introduction When Columbus came to Cuba in 1492, he and his predecessors would probably never have imagined of this island's outcome within the centuries ahead. from conquering the country, to its independence, to the totalitarian regime put into it, all these major events have made the island what it is today. Before giving the whole story about the Communists, one must understand how the country was
Divorce Review of Literature Introduction At present there are rising divorce rates everywhere in the developed world. It is accepted in most societies that ?where there is a marriage, there is a divorce.? Our society has a confused attitude towards divorce: accepting it as inevitable but at the same time, hankering after the religious ideal of ?till death due us part.? Even still, the divorce rate continues to climb. Statistics show that, ?In the United States, one out of every two marriages en
Adolesent Depression Adolescent Depression Essay submitted by Unknown Depression is a disease that afflicts the human psyche in such a way that the afflicted tends to act and react abnormally toward others and themselves. Therefore it comes to no surprise to discover that adolescent depression is strongly linked to teen suicide. Adolescent suicide is now responsible for more deaths in youths aged 15 to 19 than cardiovascular disease or cancer (Blackman, 1995). Despite this increased suicide rate
Expirement-Human Research Experiment: Figure Voting ration from Gore to Bush (Al Gore to George W. Bush) First step is to watch or read something of politics having to do with the Presidential Elections. Than send out QUESTIONAIRES to RESPONDENTS to do some UNSTRUCTED INTERVIEWS on a possible 5 minute INTERVIEW. During the interview they will conduct a SURVEY on the POPULATION that we have found. The questions could be a RANDOM SAMPLE question , maybe a STRATIFIED RANDOM SAMPLE, or most likely a
Gender, Class, And Race Stereotypes In American Television Gender, Class, and Race Stereotypes in American Television A Content Analysis Gender, class, and race stereotypes abound in contemporary society, much like they have done throughout human history. With the advent of television, however, stereotypical assumptions have become so pervasive, and so diffused, that some call for a serious and purposeful scrutiny of television's contents. On the following pages, various content analyses of tele
Gender As A Socially Constructed Accomplishment Elliott Yousefzadeh Sociology 1 Essay 3 Gender As A Socially Constructed Accomplishment Gender is a very strange topic in today's society. Many people don't know what to do with people who are transvestites or transsexuals and they often times hate them because they are different. People always think that there can only be two types of gender: masculine and feminine. People also feel that these genders most always correspond to a person's sex. So i
Healthcare Healthcare Introduction America has a highly developed health care system, which is available to all people. Although it can be very complex and frustrating at times it has come a long way from the health care organizations of yesterday. Previously most health care facilities were a place where the sick were housed and cared for until death. Physicians rarely practiced in hospitals and only those who were fortunate could afford proper care at home or in private clinics. Today the leve
If I Made A Social Movement... SOCIAL MOVEMENT The type of social movement I would organize would be abolition of money and the return of bartering. It would erase 90% of world hunger, greed, and homicide. Bartering is a trade of services or goods. It teaches people a concept of give-and-take. With money involved in a society, that society becomes more complex and, ultimately, more hostile. Some people would like more money but does not want to give the equal amount in return. Consequently, that
Inauguration Subject: Inauguration During the Presidential inauguration held on January 20, 2001, George W. Bush was sworn in as the 43rd President of the United States of America. The new President gave a short and to the point speech, afterwards George W. Bush along with his family and the former President, Bill Clinton, made their way to the inside of Capital Hill to soon leave for the traditional luncheon. After George W. Bush was sworn in as the new president and the trade of power was made
Main Street Main Street Sinclair Lewis was a queer boy, always an outsider, lonely. Once he had become famous, he began to promulgate an official view of his youth that represents perhaps an adult wish for a inoffensive life that never was. He was Sinclair Lewis (Hutchisson 8). In the years from 1914 to 1951 Sinclair Lewis, a flamboyant, driven, self-devouring genius from Sauk Centre, Minnesota, aspired in twenty two novels to make all America his province. (Hutchisson 9). Although his star has
The neighbors of the state of Chicago cried witlessly when they had seen the final result of the election. Many African American citizens, still in doubt, refused to believe the news; Barack Obama, a former senate, has won the election and has become the first African American president of the United States. Although the idea of segregation remains and may still separate the society in every way it can, the election has hinted that the revolution has finally coming to its end. This revolution,
Social and conflict theories Social theories are theoretical frameworks which are used to study and interpret social phenomena within a particular school of thought. An essential tool used by social scientists, theories relate to historical debates over the most valid and reliable methodologies (e.g. positivism and antipositivism), as well as the primacy of either structure or agency. Certain social theories attempt to remain strictly scientific, descriptive, and objective. Conflict theories, by
The death penalty has been far revered as one of the controversial issues to plague man kind. The recourse of both sides of the issue has been to prove that their viewpoint on the issue is the correct one, which almost certainly opens up the door for a full fledge controversy. Does the death penalty serve as a deterrent to crime? If so, why are crime rates in the United States comparatively high? What are some countries responses to the death penalty? Some would try to quantify that the death p
Jenna Compton Reaction Paper Sociology 101 Social stratification is how we rank people in society according totheir wealth, education, occupation and income. I believe we are categorized into different classes such as upper class, middle class, upper middle class, lower middle class, and lower class. In my society we can achieve a status, by getting a degree or working hard to move up in a position. In my Life I see social stratification within my family. Firstly,there are two incomes in by fami
Introduction Rational choice theory has no true definition. We can base rational as being a sane act or having the ability to reason. And as far as choice is concerned, it is an option or having the ability to choose. Brooke Miller Gialopsos researched what rational choice theory really consists of. During the research, Miller came across Derek B Cornish and Ronald V Clarke?s Rational Choice Theory. The Cornish and Clarke basically stated that the process of rational choice theory is to understa
Curriculum Vitae Name : Prashant S Mane Career Objective: To Work for a professionally managed company with good organizational objective & friendly environment in capacity that offer responsibility, challenge, job satisfaction and scope for organizational and personal development and growth. I should be able to utilize my skill competencies in a challenging & professional environment / organization. Academic Qualification: B.A? General Class: ? Higher Second Class Subject: English, Hindi, Polit
Merton?s dissertation was finished in 1936. A revised version appeared in 1938 as a monograph in Sarton?s series, Osiris, with the new title, Science, Technology and Society in Seventeenth-Century England. Later it was published in book form, with many foreign-language translations to follow. Against the prevailing view that religion and science were antithetical, Merton demonstrated the influence of Puritanism on the growth of seventeenth-century science in England, a finding that was at the co
Reference Page The Unjust In American Black Homeownership Johnny Lang Instructor: Ms. Jeneve Brook Introduction to Sociology 2275 September 20, 2010 Ms. Brook, My last writing assignment was Tammy?s Story as a revision. As I was writing Tammy?s Story for the second time, I felt like I had a good understanding of what the case study was trying to rely to the audience, which I wrote about in my paper. I didn?t do well on my last paper; I didn?t make clear points nor had enough information support
Social Characteristics Man is a social being and paradigms through which the world is explored are influenced by psycho-social experiences. Therefore, in evaluating the characteristics of this philosopher psychologist inevitably pertinent elements of his social life must be unwrapped in determining how the concepts he discovered were influenced by his sociology. Freud was born in the Czech Republic where he spent the first three years of his life. In 1859 his father moved to Leipzig Germany then
Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging items (often with symbolic significance) in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect. It encompasses a diverse range of human activities, creations, and modes of expression, including music, literature, film, photography, sculpture, and paintings. The meaning of art is explored in a branch of philosophy known as aesthetics, whereas disciplines such as anthropology, sociology and psychology analyz
My Education Elsy Zavala Education is the key to success in life. According to Wikipedia, ?education is anu act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character, or physical ability of an individual. ?According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, education is ?the action or process of educating or of being educated? and ?the knowledge and development resulting from an educational process.? I agree with the definition of education in the two dictionaries, but my own education ex
RUNNING HEAD: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SPORTS AND MEDIA: CAN SPORTS SURVIVE WITHOUT MEDIA? By Claudette Jackson Palmer Abstract Since the beginning of time media has been responsible for getting the news and information out to the public. Media exists in many different forms such as magazines, television, newspapers, internet, motion pictures, and even plays. When communication is spread not just between two individuals but rather between tens of millions of people it is known as mass media. Mas
Three Sociological Perspectives PAUL COLOMY In this chapter, Colony overviews the three perspectives most often associated with sociology: functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic Interactionism. Each of these three theories has contributed a great deal to our understanding of human behavior and group life. The first two, functionalism and conflict, are considered to be macro theories of society, examining how the social structure operates to determine people\'s behavior. The last theory, sy
While you are hanging out with your friends in a luxurious club; or driving your polished car to work, the word ?poverty? has probably never crossed your mind. It is true that most of us do not realize how serious this issue has become, and more effort should be taken. According to the US Census Bureau, the official poverty rate in 2008 for US was 13.2 percent?a statistically significant increase since it was 12.5 percent in 2007. That counts 39.8 million people (19% of them are children under t
It started when she noticed that she was a few days late. Her period was supposed to start Tuesday, and now it?s the following Sunday. Her breasts feel achy the way they do when she?s about to start her period, only she hasn?t started her period. Well, maybe she got the dates wrong. Maybe she was supposed to start the next Tuesday, rather than this past Tuesday. It?s pushed to the back of her mind and she goes on with her day. Another week goes by and still nothing. No bleeding, no spotting. She
Basic elements of social fields RESUMEN: El presente trabajo revisa algunos elementos básicos de la teoría de los campos sociales, destacando su profunda ligazón con el estudio de la teoría política y los Derechos fundamentales. El autor intenta explicar de la forma más clara posible dentro de su propia complejidad, la teoría de Pierre BOURDIEU. Tras ahondar en el concepto de campos sociales; los elementos fundamentales de la teoría; las relaciones entre campo social, capital y sujetos; y, la au
Different use of air laser and new battery Abstract: This report included the compare and contrast of two new technology in the Assessment Event 2. It started as the definition of human progress, which is a development of the society. By comparing and contrasting the ultra-low-power digital memory and air laser, it is hypothesized that the ultra-low-power digital memory is more important than air laser. Finally, because it could stimulate the develop of economy, help the invention of other fitti
Introduction of myself Yang Wang English 102 Project 1: Personal Research 1/20/2014 Introduction of Myself My name is Yang Wang, and I am from China; additionally, I live in Chinatown of Chicago. This is my third semester in Harold Washington College, and I am taking three other classes this term include Biology 121, Sociology 201, and Math 118 which I need to stud online . In this paper, I will share some information to let others know me; at the same time, it will let me know myself better. I
Is America Breaking Apart? Book Review A Book Analysis: Is America Breaking apart? John A. Hall and Charles Lindholm 1999 Princeton University Press In Is America Breaking apart? written in 1999, John Hall and Charles Lindholm state that, “Americans are exceptional in their concern with their own exceptionalism.” (p.3) However, they fear that their society is breaking apart. In July 2013 Daniel Gross from The Daily Beast wrote an article titled “America is Not Doomed” in which he wrote, “althoug
Sociology Sociology in the Digital Age, From a Personal Experience The introduction of the Internet and mobile connectivity has entered society at an alarming rate in recent years. In early 2012, 88% of Singaporeans own a smartphone (Blackbox, 2012), with the figures easily larger today. In the midst of adapting to this change, we find ourselves starting to probe into issues arisen from the how technology start to affect the way we human beings socialize amongst ourselves. As a result of this ra
Alcoholism in America Grand View University Alcoholism, also given as alcohol dependence concurrence is a example of Alcohol Use Disorder, and a broad expression for problems with ethanol (generally referred to as alcohol), and commonly refers to alcohol addiction, which is the compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages, generally to the hurt of the bibber's health, personal relationships, and convival stagnant. It is medically considered a disease, specifically an addictive
Wesley Prude 11/11/15 Sociology Chinese Reception in America In the 1850s the United States was still just a budding nation with a substantial need for cheap labor. Around the same time the nation of China was going through an economic depression leaving many of its citizens in poverty. This forced many of these citizens to migrate to the United States in search of work. Chinese workers were employed in primarily mines, and on the railroads, and other such hazardous occupations. Because of the c
Wesley Prude 11/11/15 Sociology Chinese Reception in America In the 1850s the United States was still just a budding nation with a substantial need for cheap labor. Around the same time the nation of China was going through an economic depression leaving many of its citizens in poverty. This forced many of these citizens to migrate to the United States in search of work. Chinese workers were employed in primarily mines, and on the railroads, and other such hazardous occupations. Because of the c
What Are The Effects of Poverty in Africa? Done by Student No ………………. Submitted to ……………….. Academic year 2014/2015 Introduction: For a lot of years, the whole countries in the entire world have been witnessing an increment in progress and development. Based on what was released by the United Nation Population Fund in 2008, the world has a large number of urban societies and communities than the rural ones. It is expected that between two thousand and seven and two thousand and fifty, the number
Frankenstein Support (Mock-Persausive Letter Format) (Author's Note: This was a semi-creative project. We had to address the issues in a persuasive letter rather than a boring ol' report, so please become unconfused as far as the format..) Cal Tech Curriculum Committee: Scientists are all too ready to lock themselves away with their research, unwilling - perhaps even incapable - of seeing the consequences of their actions. It is our duty as their educators to provide them with not only a means t
Frankenstein By Mary Shelley (Author's Note: This was a semi-creative project. We had to address the issues in a persuasive letter rather than a boring ol' report, so please become unconfused as far as the format..) Cal Tech Curriculum Committee: Scientists are all too ready to lock themselves away with their research, unwilling - perhaps even incapable - of seeing the consequences of their actions. It is our duty as their educators to provide them with not only a means to gain knowledge but al
(Author's Note: This was a semi-creative project. We had to address the issues in a persuasive letter rather than a boring ol' report, so please become unconfused as far as the format..) Cal Tech Curriculum Committee: Scientists are all too ready to lock themselves away with their research, unwilling - perhaps even incapable - of seeing the consequences of their actions. It is our duty as their educators to provide them with not only a means to gain knowledge but also insights into the society i
sociologyofsport I'm going to have to let you go, says coach Tim Koth to another former player as he adds another notch to his belt. It's nothing personal, I like you, he says, but I have to look at this as a business. Is that what it is? I always looked at sport as an outlet, or even an opportunity; but sport is a business, that has become the cruel reality of modern day sport. This paper will discuss various aspects and show different examples of some ways in which this fact is apparent.
Adolescent pregnancy is a complex issue that calls for concern. Each year in the United States, more than 750,000 adolescents get pregnant. Of those pregnant adolescents, 445,000 will go on to give birth to their child (The Adoption Foundation, 2012). Adolescent pregnancy is defined as pregnancy in girls age 19 or younger. Up to two-thirds of adolescent pregnancies occur in teens age 18 - 19 years old. (MedlinePlus, 2012). Adolescent pregnancy has physical, emotional and even social-economic eff