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sitting bull and the Aggression And Its Intricacies

Aggression is a critical part of animal existence, which is an inherent driving
force to humans, as we, too, are animals. The source of aggression within humans
is a long summative list, but before trying to understand its source one must
apply a working definition of aggression. Aggressive behavior is defined by
Encyclopedia Britannica as any action of an animal that serves to injure an
opponent or prey animal or to cause an opponent to retreat. (7) David G. Myers
states that aggression is any physical or verbal behavior intended to hurt or
destroy.(9) There are many types of aggressive behaviors, which can be
differentiated from the factual act to the hidden motives. For example, an
aggressive behavior can be negative or positive, accidental or intended, and
physical or mental. Aggression can take numerous forms, the act of hitting a
wall to release aggression has some of the same roots as playing football and
enjoying hitting the quarterback. A child yelling at his parents could be
equated, in its aggressiveness, with hitting one▓s horn when one is cut
off on 495. Aggression is also a relative construct. What might seem like a
terribly aggressive act to one person, most often the victim, might seem like an
induced response to the perpetrator.(3) Psychologist Arlene Stillwell performed
an experiment where she assigned ordinary college students at random to play the
role of a victim or a perpetrator in a small incident. Then she asked the
students to describe the situation that had just transpired. What she found was
that both victims and perpetrators deformed the truth equally to present their
sides in a better light. Victims would dwell on their lasting traumas from the
incident while the perpetrator might make the act seem like a one-time action
provoked by insurmountable circumstances. The resulting implication is that
aggression is in the eye of the beholder.(3) Due to its relative nature
aggression is extremely hard to isolate and study. Some acts are very easy to
categorize as aggressive, a first degree murder or first degree rape, but is
negligent manslaughter aggressive? The mere act of not shoveling one▓s
sidewalk might have the same effect as a cold-blooded murder but is it an
aggressive act? For the purposes of this paper aggression will be related to the
four conditions presented by Gerda Siann. They are as follows; 1. The person
carrying out that behavior, the aggressor, does so with intention. 2. The
behavior is taking place within an interpersonal situation which is
characterized by an accumulated distress or a opposition. 3. The aggressor
intends by the behavior in question to gain a greater advantage than the person
on the other side of the aggression. 4. The aggressor carrying out the behavior
has either provoked the situation or moved the conflict unto a higher degree of
strength.(11) Aggression has numerous reasons and consequences both must be
analyzed in order to see from whence it arises. An explicit example of the
strength of both nature and nurture concerning aggression is the life of Kody
Scott, a young gang member of California. He was already a gang member in middle
school, and would not have been had the gang not already been in place when he
graduated from elementary school √ thus environment▓s role in
aggressive behavior, but one fateful day when he stole a car to get to the
hospital for the birth of his first child, he intentionally detoured through the
neighborhood of a rival gang and killed a rival gang member. The detour he
deliberately took was a conscious decision and not provoked by the environment
√ hence nature▓s toll on his aggressive act.(3) Aggression is
usually associated with negative aspects of the world.(3) This is not
necessarily true, though. Negativity is but half of the nature of aggression.
Aggression can have very positive results. For example, a non-aggressive hockey
player gets thrown around and will therefore not perform very well in an
bellicose sport. On the other hand an aggressive player will not allow himself
to be thrown around like the aforementioned player and will most likely win the
small battles just based on the mentality of the player.(5) Another example of
positive aspects of aggression might be a person▓s sexual aggressiveness
might allow them to obtain a date to prom without any problem, whereas anyone
much less aggressive person would be passive and wait for the person to approach
them. One good aspects of aggressiveness might be ambitiousness or
assertiveness, an aggressive person is more likely to get what they ... more

sitting bull and the

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The Clinton Sex Scandal

Rare is a person that crosses the path of the White House without some emotion
of envy or awe. This building epitomizes world leadership and unprecedented
power. This renowned leadership may be the only association made by certain
countries, while in the United States many see an other significance:
Watergate, Whitewater, Kennedy's brutal and mysterious assassination, and
today, Clinton's "zippergate" scandal. When the President of the United States
takes oath, he gives up a part of his life. His private life becomes the
public's life, and they feel the right to know what happens behind the Oval
Office. Now the Presidency must battle against Newspaper journalists, radio
personalities, televised news reports and now, even more menacing: the

Presidents who are constantly reminded of their power and prestigious rank,
become exasperated because they cannot control the news media, even though they
can to a large degree set the news agenda. Media has expanded in its presence,
becoming widespread on the Internet, perhaps monopolizing the domain, by
becoming more powerful and more used than written, televised or radio
journalism. The Presidents' inability to control the press exposes their
vulnerability and tends to question the actual power they can actually exert.
All presidents, at some time or another, became frustrated at what they
perceived as unfair treatment by the press, even while acknowledging its vital
function in a free society, and many presidents have been a part of a scandal.

The current Presidential scandal with Monica Lewinsky had swept the Nation
overnight. It seems quite impossible to know just how it will all turn out, and
unfair to even speculate, but the media certainly seems to think they possess
that right. It is obvious that this story has changed the face of journalism,
has put online media on the map in a major way, and has made life more
difficult for newspapers forever.

First, let's take a look at how this story developed and how it acted on the
Internet. David Noack of E&P in his article "Web's Big Role in Sex Controversy"
does a great job of detailing the twisting path this tale took from rumor to
investigation to publication, and how the Internet played a key part.  Noack
points out in his article that the "Clinton/Lewinsky" scandal has drastically
changed online media. He writes:

"A year ago, most newspapers and news magazines adhered to the hard rule that
they would not stoop themselves by putting breaking news on their Web sites
before it appeared in their print editions. But a rapidly-growing public demand
for almost "instant" Web coverage of breaking national news stories has forced
even the largest newspapers and magazines like the Washington Post and
Newsweekto abandon the old rule."

"Out with the old, in with the new."  It is easy to think breaking stories
online could dilute journalists' on-paper presence; now many have realized that
online media puts all journalists on equal footing with radio and TV. So who
drove this change, pushing away the status quo? Matt Drudge, author of "The
Drudge Report". It is still the Internet's gold rush period and everyone is
running around trying to make a profit. The irony is that the person who best
embodies what's revolutionary about the Internet has made next to no money from
it: Matt Drudge, 30, is the author of "The Drudge Report", a bulletin of
entertainment gossip, political rumor and witty meta-news. His web page ( is austere; it consists of a headline, links to
news sources and some black and white clip art. Apparently he is really quite
well informed, he reads 18 newspapers a day and he admires politics enough to
go after both sides of the story when the time comes. Drudge's contact list has
been expanding far quicker than his bank account he now has a huge following,
with a mailing list of over 85,000 people.

This web journalist has such an impact on the Internet that last week he
managed to cause consternation in the White House and this was not the first
time. He flagged a story Newsweek had been sitting on for six months: that
President Clinton may have propositioned a White House worker named Kathleen
Willey on federal property.

I found an article on the Internet that seemed to sum up exactly what people's
opinion on Drudge is, very mixed:

"The best thing about the Internet is Matt Drudge. He knows how to use the
online medium. He prizes speed, being first, and he connects strongly with an
audience that wants personality and gossip. The worst thing about ... more

sitting bull and the


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