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should be a Macbeth comperitive essay

Macbeth was one of King Duncan’s most noble, and honored men. His wisdom and bravery are practically unmatched and his loyalty was untouchable. Macbeth was the ideal noblemen to a King until Lady Macbeth got in the way. Paying no attention to honor, decency or the consequences, Lady Macbeth brought forth courage to Macbeth and with it, the crown. Now having the responsibility of all Scotland, Lady Macbeth was finally happy, and so thought was Macbeth. Lady Macbeth, due to her lack of thought and reason, is in fact why Macbeth killed Duncan, became king, and is the reason why the two of them did not live happily ever after.

As act one begins and Macbeth pays visit to the witches, it is cloudy in his mind how he will ever become king. Uncertain of the witch’s prophecies, he relays word that he is to return to his castle immediately and rendezvous with Lady Macbeth. Macbeth approaches the castle to the waiting lady and tells her of the witch’s predictions. Caught up in the joy, Lady Macbeth immediately maps out a plan to murder Duncan. Macbeth at this point remains loyal to King Duncan and can’t visualize himself inheriting the throne due to murdering Duncan. He is convinced to let nature take its course and keep Scotland under its rightful leadership. Lady Macbeth, on the other hand is extremely excited about the idea of becoming queen, and continues on with her persuasive thoughts towards the death of Duncan. She now begins to express fear that Macbeth will not have the ruthlessness to do what is necessary to become king. Thus after Macbeth arrives and expresses his reluctance to commit murder, Lady Macbeth continues to urge him on. Macbeth is forced to chose between a king who has always been there and supported him, and his wife, whom he dearly loves and cherishes.

Macbeth remains hesitant and uncertain throughout these complications. He wishes to remain loyal but begins to realize that the only way to inherit the throne is through murder. Macbeth's characteristics would have remained the same with the absence of Lay Macbeth, but due to her presence we can slowly see them change. Starting off loyal to Duncan and Scotland, Macbeth now considers the idea of murder, but is still somewhat hesitant. He now wishes to become king but is uncertain the consequences are worth the reward. Macbeth is beginning to feel the pressures of which Lady Macbeth is forcing upon him and is beginning to worry. Lady Macbeth is however ready to be queen. Throughout this whole ordeal, she never throws away the thought of murder, or sitting alongside her husband as royalty. Lady Macbeth, too frantic to even realize the pros or cons, has a one set frame of mind and is determined to make it that of Macbeth as well. She becomes very temperamental, and ornery, and shows no sign of rational thought what so ever. She even tells Macbeth to do this for her, as she would sacrifice the life of their only son for him, leaving Macbeth with but no way out.

 Finally, Macbeth gives in and Murders Duncan. This is where the true leadership role of the family begins to weigh over towards Lady Macbeth. Macbeth is terrified with what e has done and is certain they will be caught. He is so horrified by what he has been convinced to do that he forgets all remaining plans, and goes directly back to his quarters. Macbeth shows a lot of character here. He feels immediately guilty for what he has done, and only wishes he could undo what has been done. Macbeth begins to ramble and is in no way happy with the direct results. He has murdered his friend, king, and the one person who held so much trust within him. Lady Macbeth is now forced to take over. She immediately retraces Macbeth’s steps and finds all of the faults in his actions. She, for the first time, is beginning to think clearly, and is making note of their actions. Lady Macbeth, returns to the crime scene, relaxed to clean up the mess, and make it appear to be a struggle ... more

should be a

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Amerigo Vespucci

Vespucci was the one person for whom

North and South America was named after. Vespucci had a

wonderful life and found many things on his voyages.

Amerigo Vespucci was born in Florence, Italy in March of

1451, and grew up in a considerable mansion near the river.

As a young boy, Amerigo's happiest moments studying the

stars. He excelled in mathematics and his hobby was

copying maps. His dream as a young boy was to travel and

get a better picture about what the Earth looked like.

Amerigo spent half of his life as a business man hoping to

strike it rich so he could explore. Amerigo was the third son,

there were two older brothers, Antonio and Girolamo, the

youngest was Bernardo. The parents were Stagio and

Elisabetta Vespucci. Italy, at this time was not yet a civilized

country. Italy was a bunch of city- states each self governed

and looking for money for it's own purposes and not for the

benefit of the country. Florence, where Amerigo was born

and grew up, was in the city-state governed by the powerful

Medici family. Later in Vespucci's life he ends up working

for this family helping govern the city-state. Italy, at this time

was not a good country as it is today. In 1492 Vespucci left

Florence for Seville, Spain because Italy had the monopoly

and didn't need, or want, exploration. Well into his forties,

around 1495, Vespucci became the director of a ship

company that supplied ships for long voyages. This was the

first opportunity Vespucci had to make voyages and he was

very happy about this, therefore he was only looking for

"new worlds" to discover and not money or rewards for

finding exotic places. In 1497 Vespucci said that he went on

a voyage to the "New World." Little is known about this

because there was not much evidence to support that he

actually made this voyage such as: journals, maps they used,

or any crew members journals about what happened. He

was said to be back in 1498. Later on down the road, after

this journey was said to take place people began to doubt

this and Columbus became known as the founder of the

"New World" even though he thought he was in India. In

1499 Vespucci was said to have made his second voyage

with Alonso de Ojeda as the captain. This voyage could be

backed by a great deal of evidence and is supposed to have

occurred. The watchman finally did spot land, the Cape

Verde Islands, and this is the first time anyone has been

purposely to the "New World." On this first journey

Vespucci explored the north eastern coast of South America

and also came in contact with Cuba, Hispaniola, and the

Bahaman Islands. Vespucci got back to Spain in 1500 and

told everyone about his findings of the land and the people.

On May 19, 1501 Vespucci left from the ports of the

sponsoring Spain on his third voyage. On this voyage

Vespucci was second in charge behind Gonocalo Coelho,

another one of Spains' explorers. They explored on this

expedition the Cape Santo Agostinho at the shoulder of

present day Brazil. This voyage was one of the less

successful because they explored only limited water area.

On the fourth, and last, voyage Vespucci explored more of

South America. In 1503, on this journey, led by Amerigo

Vespuccci himself, the captain and crew explored the south

eastern side of South America. They ran along the coast and

visited such places as Cape Soo Roque, Guanabara Bay,

Rio de la Plata, Cape Santo Agostinho, San Julian and

spotted the Falkland Islands. His crew returned back to

Spain in 1504 and told their story to mapmakers to put on

the maps. After the findings of the "New World" a

mapmaker suggested they call it America, after the knowing

founder. Martin Waldseemuller a German mapmaker was

one of the first to believe that Vespucci was the first

European to reach the "New World." In 1507, he suggested

they call it America and soon this name was used throughout

and eventually used officially in the naming of the continent.

Vespucci left a controversy when he died saying that he did

not make the voyage that started in 1497. Today scholars

still doubt that Vespucci made the voyage. Vespucci also

claimed, in his writings, that he captioned all the journeys

himself when he only captained one of the four reported

expedition. The results to Vespucci's findings was that North

and South America were named after him, and back in the

late 1400's and the early 1500's they would know that there

was a ... more

should be a


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