Rban Sprawl

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rban Sprawl

The definition of urban sprawl according to WORDSMYTH 1.spreading of the urban structure into adjoining suburbs and rural areas.
The definition of urban sprawl according to Merriam-Websters on line dictionary
:the spreading of urban developments(as houses and shopping centers) on undeveloped land near a city.
The definition of urban sprawl according to Dictionary.com The unplanned, uncontrolled spreading of urban development into areas adjoining the edge of a city .
My opinion of urban sprawl.The city,containing large tracts of business,commerece,industries,living space,and farming communities.Using more then it needs,replicating new structures and leaving shells.Rehabbing mass living spaces,for the placment of person or persons.Funneling dollars into work projects for the sake of spending.For example I 675 near Dayton, the rehabbing of the Arcade center, and the Salem Mall area.
“Sprawl is a four letter word”    “I like living next to the city. I can get off my tractor, walk across the street and get a cup of coffee at the UDF in the morning, go next door for lunch at the fast food place, and fill up the John Deere at the Speedway on the way home from plowing the back 40.”
Sprawl is a worldwide growth pattern. It is evident in every small to major city, and depending on socioeconomic and cultural patterns can manifest it at different rates.
Lets take a look at some examples.
Moscow shows a grossly mixed area of farmland, light to heavy industry, and a mixed commerce living space with large groups of apartment buildings. Approximately 30% of the city proper is vacant wasted areas, and there is no effort to reclaim any of this land. This is most likely due to heavy pollution, crime, and the generally poor economical situation.
In Mexico City, there is a vast area of poor living conditions within poorer living conditions. Population increase has played a major role in the living conditions along with little employment, poor education, almost no industry, (with the exception of General Motors relocating there) makes Mexico City a vast sprawl of humanity.
My focus now moves to the local venue, namely Dayton. I found some interesting
information. Between 1970 and 1990 Dayton’s urban area lost 11% of its population while gaining 22% more land.  Dayton and adjoining suburbs consumed 118% more land while adding only 22% more people.  While there was no significant population increase, drivers in Dayton covered 19% more miles in 1995 then in 1991.
There are many reams of facts and figures to support the obvious, sprawl is real.
For an informed opinion, I will interview Anita Patten. She is the director and founder of
CHOICES, Inc. She received her Masters of Public Administration this summer. I feel she is very well informed, and passionate about the community.


.My first question to you is what does urban sprawl mean to you in general?
It is the migration of people from the inner city, to the out lying areas built at the expense of existing properties, in creating a suburb, that no longer meets the peoples needs of community. OK, tell me what you think are some of the factors that contribute to sprawl? Well there is inner city abandonment, running away from crime, poor housing cramped spaces. It is difficult to grow between buildings, so you go to more space.
There is also farmland it more profitable to sell their land, then to farm it. As a matter of fact my development sits between two corn fields. Is there anything else?Yes the was the post WWII desire to live the American dream..How so? There is better highways easy to obtain autos, plus prosperity that allowed home ownership, namely VA loans.
I know from citizen poles,that public services rank very high, how do you feel about your public services? Because of our distance from the inner city, response times are a concern, but I do feel safe do to the number of satiety personnel who also live here and I feel more connected to Huber Heights then to Dayton. I do most of my shopping, socializing and recreation in Huber Heights. Well hers one for you, did you know that if you call 911 Huber Heights would respond first? Oh they do! Well that makes me feel a lot better.
How about

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