1984 Julias Story Creative Piece


1984 Julias Story Creative Piece

"Wake up!" a stern voice called from above.
Her weary eyes slowly began to open. It was absolutely bright, however no windows were visible. Only electric lights running endlessly in parallel lines covered the ceiling of the hall. She was sitting in the very centre; her head crouched between her knees. She was afraid to speak or question where she might be.

She could hear footsteps in the distant but could not make out where they were coming from. The burning lights had gradually blinded her eyes. This must be the Ministry of Love she thought.
It seemed hours ago that she was thrown violently into this premises and she was starving.

She understood why she was here but did not understand how. She participated in sexual acts that were strongly condemned by the Party. The crime would be punished by death, no questions asked. When will they shoot her? She wanted her life to end now.
Freedom is to say that humans have two eyes. She will never experience freedom again she pondered.

O'Brien entered the hall. She could tell by his distinctive strides. He grabbed her by the hair and began speaking in an authoritative tone, "You are here for committing crimes against the Party's principles. You are thinking why I am not going shoot you. Are you not?"
She gave him a look of disgust and purposefully did no answer.
"There is no need to be silent," he commanded, pulling her hair even harder.

She was not going to allow physical intimidation to force her to speak. "You will have to talk sooner or later. I will help you Julia. You must understand that you desperately need help. What are your feelings towards Big Brother?" he assured her.


She was not going to answer him she had nothing to lose. She knew she was going to die and she wanted to die defiant.

"How many eyes do human beings have?" O'Brien asked her.


"You are thinking two. Of course you are. It is unquestionable. However, humans have three eyes, not two. You think this is ridiculous. Look again. Concentrate. Tell me how many eyes to humans have? Look closer," he ordered, giving her a hard kick.


"Before I leave you for the time being, think about these questions: How do you feel about Big Brother and Winston Smith? Remember humans have three eyes. You did see it, did you not?" he disappeared.

She found it very difficult to believe. How was it possible for a human being to have three eyes? Why would he force her to believe something insignificant in life? Something microscopic that no one would ever question or try to contradict. It seemed that O'Brien was using psychological manipulation in order to overpower her. She knew that she was not as intellectual as Winston, but she had the mentality to recognise the difference between two and three. It was very confusing. She did not know whether she actually saw three or two. It could have merely been the pain O'Brien gave her, that made her envisage three.

Julia absolutely hated Big Brother.

Winston was the only person on her confused mind. She still loved him and believed that she would never betray him. Their love was the strength that kept her going. Julia recalled being with Winston in the room they thought was safe. They were caught unguarded by the voice "You are the dead." The words were still echoing in the back of her mind.

The morning after, she woke up with something burning in her throat. Apparently O'Brien had forced an acidic substance to make her speak. "I know you have been thinking pensively about what I told you hours ago. I will not rest until you are cured," O'Brien said defiantly.

"Every single person in this world is afraid of something. In your case Julia, it's having one of your hands chopped off," he laughed wickedly.

O'Brien took out a chainsaw that was perhaps the size of a house door. He slowly began to start the chainsaw; the ear-splitting sound of the motor was unbearable. The sharp revolving blades were approaching closer to her right arm she could feel it.

Julia began screaming


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