There I was on a Saturday night at a big party.   It took place in a large house on the hills with people everywhere, inside and out.  A few of my friends and I were outside when, out of the dark, a golf cart came skidding down the new brick driveway.  The guy throwing the party caught eye of the cart and began freaking out, not only because there was a stolen golf cart in his driveway, but there was also a thirty-foot skid mark.    He demanded that the golf cart be returned to where it was found, but there was a slight problem.  The spring on the back wheel driver’s side had broken which caused the tire to lock up.
Suddenly, a truck pulled up and the driver informed everyone that there was two cop cars heading towards the house.  We then devised a plan to get the golf cart out of the driveway and into hiding before the cops showed up.  Three other friends and I jumped into the passenger side in order to lift the immobile tire off the ground so we could drive away.  At the time, our plan was in good progress until we saw two sets of headlights, resembling a cop’s, coming our way.   With the four of us on the cart, doing ten mph, it was hard or otherwise impossible to escape the headlights.
As the road came to a split, the headlights shined on us.  Our choices of direction were to either go towards them, away from them, or to jump off the golf cart and proceed to run.  Of course we chose the best decision, which was to jump off the cart and get away.  Two of us went one way and the other two went the other way to confuse the cops.  The friend that I was with was pretty drunk and having a hard time.  Suddenly, I saw him run and fall into a wall of rocks.  I stopped to help him while laughing at his stupidity, but later on found myself smashing my face into some more rocks just as he had done.  After brushing myself off, I stopped to look back and saw that my friend was nowhere in sight, but there was a cop only fifty yards away.  I turned around and started running towards the bushes to get away.
When I came to the bushes, I squatted down as far as possible to assure that I was out of sight.  As I sat there catching my breath, I saw a flashlight moving slowly towards me.  Inch by inch I started crawling away.  I soon came upon a twenty-foot cliff.  I began crawling down it backwards, while attempting to maintain pure silence.  Soon I realized that there was nothing more to grab onto and I fell down the rest of the way, making as much noise as possible.  Suddenly, there was a beam of light that shined over me and I heard a cop yell, “ Stop!”  But to me, that meant run even faster.
Down through the bushes, in the pitch darkness, I ran at full speed.  I then came upon a river trail, which meant that I didn’t have to climb back up the hill.  When I got to the end of the trail, there stood a house with a long driveway, but it wasn’t the previous house I was originally.  It was frustrating to think that I had been lost and running for two hours with no sense of direction.  Because I left my cell phone in the car, it was impossible to call anyone for help.  As I sat there thinking of a plan, I heard footsteps coming down the driveway.  It was too dark to see without a flashlight, so I knew they couldn’t see me as well.  Like a statue I stood still, listening to the footsteps get closer and closer.  I looked closely at the figure as it got closer and realized that it was my friend that I split up with when I first jumped out of the golf cart.
After walking a little ways, we came across a road that I remembered driving down on the way to the party.  We continued

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