Like Rodriguez, I share some immigrant background history.  However, differences also exist for me, like parents helping me pick out a college such as Albertus Magnus because they wanted what is best for me.  I decided on Albertus for because for one my brother comes to Albertus as well, and two the college is close to home.

My parents always wanted me to attend college because it is what they think is the best choice to do after high school.  My parents never went to college, but at that time in their lives, that wasn’t the career path to take.  My parents do understand what’s best for me, so they told me to go.

Secondly, my parents wanted to pay for my college, but I decided to find a job in the summer so that I could pay for my tuition.  I wanted to accomplish this myself so that I could feel how the real world works and not always be live through parents.

I feel that my brother is a great help to me because he was one of the first males to go to college in my immediate family.  Also, he helped me to come to  Albertus because he knows the college.  Rodriguez being a student at the college would allow me to understand what I was going to experience.  So unlike Rodriguez, I used my family in some ways to look forward in my life.  I feel I can plan for the future as well.

I am like Rodriguez because I want to buy my own car, so my job helps to pay for all my expenses.  Now in some aspects of my life, I know the struggle that my parents experienced because they did not have their parents to look back on and to pay for what my parents wanted.  

My brother and I have a good many things in common, such as we aren’t ashamed of our nationality; we live for what we are. Some people, such as Rodriguez, are ashamed of their nationality and try to run away from what they are instead of living for what they may be.

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