Persona letter


persona letter

Dear Friend,
     I have made an amazing breakthrough in me research. I have confirmed

that the causal agent of TMV (Tobacco Mosaic Virus) is indeed filterable and

determined that the infectious agent is able to multiply within living organisms.

     The idea of how the prove me hypothesis came to me in a dream. What I did was

to take the sap from infected plants and diluted. Then inoculated the diluted solution into

healthy plants. I repeated the procedure from the newly infected plants, repeated the

above procedure and so on. At the end of several transfers, I came to the conclusion that

the newly infected plants were as virulent as the original infected plants. If it were a

toxin, then it would have been diluted thousands of time, and it would have showed signs

of weakening virulence. The signs were not there and thus have shown that it could not

be a toxin but something else that can grow and multiply in the living cells of other

organisms. This is a very important discovery that I believe will be able to benefit

mankind greatly in the future.

     Well, enough about that. I hope the wife and kids are doing well. I plan to come

and visit soon, probably in a few months. Intel then, best wishes to the family and to you

my friend.

                                     Martinus Beijerinck  

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