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of worship and King Arthur And Beowulf

Numerous stories about numerous heroes have been told and then retold. All of
these heroes do different things and all of them have a different set of
qualities which make them heroes. Due to the fact that there are only so many
heroic adventures and qualities, most are shared in part with at least one other
hero. Such is the case between the great hero, Beowulf, from the epic poem
Beowulf and King Arthur from the story of Morte dArthur. These great heroes
have strong similarities and a great deal of differences. Once their
similarities have been compared and then dismissed it is evident that Beowulf is
the greater hero of the two. True heroes do good things for good people. Such is
the case in Beowulf, Beowulf leaves his homeland to help the Danish people rid
themselves of the human eating monster, Grendel. This heroic quality is also
evident in Morte d'Arthur, as Arthur consciously rides into a battle in order to
rid his people of an evil knight who would not allow others to pass. Both heroes
are displaying their concern for others by risking themselves in battle for the
greater good. In the same aspect they are also striving for love and respect
from the people they protect. In order to obtain maximum respect per battle,
both Beowulf and Arthur enter into battle somewhat alone. Beowulf specifically
asks, That [he], alone and with the help of [his] men, / May purge all evil
from [the] hall (Beowulf, line 165-166). His request is granted by Hrothgar,
King of the Danes, so he and his man enter into the battle themselves and when
Grendel is defeated, the glory, love and respect belong solely to Beowulf and
his men. Arthur does the same, he met with his man and his horse, and so
mounted up and dressed his shield and took his spear, and bade his chamberlain
tarry there till he came again (Morte dArthur paragraph 20). Although
Arthur begins his journey alone he does meet up with Merlin, the court magician
and faithful companion, who accompanies him. Much like Beowulf, Arthur gains
great respect and praise from all men of worship by fighting alone, even though
it is not necessarily the smartest thing to do. The characteristic of being
fearless when faced with death is often a trait of heroes because it is
associated with courage and strength. King Arthur and Beowulf are not afraid to
die, thus showing their courage to their adversaries and peers. When Arthur is
faced with death he declares, welcome be it when it cometh, but to yield me
unto thee as [cowardly] I had liefer die than to be so shamed. (Morte
dArthur, paragraph 34). Simply put he would rather die than admit to defeat
and being cowardly. Beowulf feels much the same way about death. He illustrates
this by showing no fear for his own life but instead expressing concern for the
honor of King Higlac by asking that, if death does take [him], send the
hammered / Mail of [his] armor to Higlac (Beowulf, line 186-187). In sending
his King his armor it recommits himself to his country and lets his King be
reminded of his bravery every time he looks upon it. That is the extent to which
Beowulf and King Arthur are similar. Beowulf has way more confidence in his
fighting ability then Arthur has in his. This is evident in the fact that
Beowulf fights Grendel unarmed, he says my hands / Alone shall fight for me,
struggle for life (Beowulf, line 172-173). His reasoning behind this is that
Grendels, scorn of men / Is so great that he needs no weapons and fears
none [so] / Nor will [he] (Beowulf, line 167-169). By facing Grendel unarmed
to shows that he is brave and more importantly unafraid to be equal to Grendel.
Since Grendel is going to fight without the use of weapons, Beowulf creates
equality and therefore more respect upon himself by doing the same. Were as the
much less confident Arthur fights only with weapons and once his wounds were
amended his first thought was, I have no sword (Morte dArthur,
paragraph 41) followed by the task of finding him a sword. This demonstrates
Arthurs weakness in his dependence of weapons and thus Beowulfs greatness
in comparison. Beowulf is indeed the greater hero as the help he received from
his men was useless, not by fault of his men but by the simple fact that Grendel,
had bewitched all ... more

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Revolution in a tale of two ci


It was the year 1789, when the flood started. The flood known as the French Revolution. The revolution brought France all the change, we desired for a long time. The success of the revolution can not even be expressed in words. I only wish that the flood was started earlier.
The flood was not some spontaneous event, however it was a flood filled with all the bitterness and harshness my people had to endure for centuries. Revolution by definition is the abrupt overthrow of the government; a sudden change in a system.  And the sudden change in the system was obvious in A Tale of Two Cities.  The cries of our dead children were no longer be silenced, for they began to burst forth from their coffins. Their cries harmonized with those of our forefathers demanding change.    
"Monseigneur, the good God knows; but I don't ask it. My petition is that a morsel of stone or wood, with my husband's name, my be placed over him to show where he lies. Otherwise the place will be forgotten, it will never be found when I am dead of the same malady, I shall be laid under some heap of poor grass. Monseigneur, there are so many, they increase so fast, there is so much want. Monseignuer! Monseignuer!(Dickens, page 122)  This poor woman could not even provide her husband with a proper burial. Her husband probably worked hard all his life just trying to provide for his family. It was in his death that he had to die with no dignity. His story like others was soon to be forgotten. It was up to the flood to assure the fact that his story would not be forgotten, that it would always be remembered as something that should never have happened.
One of the most thrilling events of the revolution occurred on July 14. The French people stood as one, one body, one heartbeat, and one resounding cry. A cry that will forever echo throughout the halls of time. "Deep ditch, single drawbridge, massive stone walls, eight great towers, cannon, muskets, fire and smoke. One drawbridge down! "Work, comrades all, work! Work Jacques One, Jacques Two, Jacques One Thousand, Jacques Two Thousand, Jacques Five-and-Twenty Thousand;in the name of Angels or Devils-which you prefer work!"(Dickens,page 214-215)
For years the Bastille had always stood as a symbol of the king's power. When the people decided to storm the Bastille they went against the king and his power.The fight was very bloody, but that is how the people were heard. The bloodshed got them the attention that they desired.This was a bold step, once  this step was taken there was no way the people could back out now. Although this was a bold step it wasn't as bold as the one made on June 20th.
On June 20th, the National Constituent Assembly was formed. The Tennis Court Oath was formed. This oath taken by the assembly promised to fight for a fair constitution for the people of France. A constitution that would provide equal rights for everyone living in France. That is why the storming of the Bastille was a very important event.
The reign of Terror happened between the months of July and August. During these months, the French people stormed the countryside to vent out the rage that they felt deep within. They attacked the nobles forcing them to give up their rights on taxation. If the people of France wanted a fair constitution, they had to start with nothing and work their way up. They were not all about to subject our lives on the hope that the nobles would somehow change. The french had to force them to change, whether they liked it or not.
On August 27, The Declaration of the Rights of a Man were documents  penned and written. Those that require deeper thought and design are said to be framed.This was the constitution that France. This constitution promised every man equality, freedom of worship, and rights. However this constitution had its flaws. There were still restrictions on being represented in the government. However, that battle was another war that would finally be won ... more

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