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new year resolution Flight Simulator

A simulated flight environment for pilot training may soon be made more
realistic through the use of eye-tracking technology developed by researchers at
the University of Toronto's Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IMBE). Many
safety and cost benefits are obtained by training aircraft pilots under
simulated conditions, but to be effective the simulation must be convicingly
realistic. At present, th e training facilities use large domes and gimballed
projectors, or an array of video screens, to display computer-generated images.
But these installations are very expensive and image resolution is low. Further,
it would take an enormous amount of addi to improve image quality significantly
throughout the whole viewed scene. However, based on the visual properties of
the eye, realism can be obtained by providing a high-resolution 'area of
interest' insert within a large, low-resolution field of view. If the
image-generating computer 'knows' where the pilot's fixation is, it mage there.
The technology to make this possible was developed by a research team headed by
Professor Richard Frecker and Professor Moshe Eizenman. The work was carried out
in collaboration with CAE Electronics Ltd. of Montreal with financial support
from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Their
eye-tracker can record and analyze accurately up to 500 eye positions per
second. The system works by means of capturing and processing the reflections of
a low-level beam o f invisible infra-red light shone onto the eye. Multi-element
arrays capture the image of the eye and digitize the information, which is then
processed in real time by a fast, dedicated signal processing unit. The
difference in position between the ligh tre of the pupil reveals the
instantaneous direction of gaze. Developments by the IBME team have
significantly increased the speed of signal processing in addition to enhancing
accuracy of eye position estimates. Eizenman believes that "these
improvements make our eye-tracker very effective in monitoring the large G-force
environment where the pilot tends to make larger eye movements because of
contraints which exist on movements of his head". In a new generation of
aircraft simulators, under development by CAE Electronics Ltd. of Montreal, a
head tracker which tells the direction of the pilot's head is mounted on top of
the helmet. The eye tracker is mounted on the front of the helmet, and is ll
exactly where the pilot's eye is fixating. Frecker said that "successful
integration of our eye tracker into the novel helmet-mounted CAE flight
simulator would result in a new generation of simulators that would likely
replace the current large domes and cumbersome video display units."
Initial tests of the integrated system will be carried out in collaboration with
CAE Electronics at Williams Air Force Base in Arizona later this year.

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new year resolution

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School Murder

It is 7:30 on a normal Tuesday morning at Westside Elementary School. The buses
have begun to pull into the child unloading dock and have unloaded the students.
As the buses pull off, the students began to head toward their classroom to wait
for the day to begin. As the day progresses, the students ready themselves for
lunch break. As the teacher's aid opens the door for the students to leave, she
sees four students dressed in long knee length jackets, strut briskly towards
the cafeteria. She pays it little attention and waits for lunch bell to sound.
Shortly after the bell sounds, the students leap out the door and cascade toward
the cafeteria. In the cafeteria there is a stage like platform that jutted out
like a shelf for about a third of the room. That is where all the disruptive, or
the kids that were on "silent lunch", had to sit. About five minutes
until the bell for lunch to be over ringed, four students came into the
lunchroom. The students began to shout ferociously and scream for the students
to lie on the floor of the cafeteria. When the students wouldn't cooperate, the
four boys reach under their coats to pull out .09mm pistols. The teachers in the
lunchroom try to contain the boys and settle them down, but the boys open fire
on them. As the adults fall on the floor, the cafeteria was in an uproar with
frightened, screaming children. With this the young boys open fire into the
crowd of students. Although this scenario is just a figment of this writer's
imagination, we all have been subjected to similar scenes on recent T.V.
newscast. Chabert 2 This kind of horrific event has become a common element in
today's news. What has changed so much in our environment that would possess a
child to destroy another child? The future's survival depends on the existence
of today's youth to survive. The society of today has to dominate over the
corroded minds of the trouble youth. It is time for members of society to open
their eyes and take control of the corrupted youth. The public should be aware
of the preventive measures against violence through out the school system. One
effective preventive measure towards safety in the school system is to establish
metal detectors throughout the school. Many schools of the nineteen nineties
have been equipped with metal detectors due to the latest increase in school
violence. These detectors are placed in the entrance of the school or may be
held by a school resource officer or school staff member. Metal detectors are
used to prevent students from bringing metal objects such as knives, guns and
other potential weapons into the learning atmosphere of the school. "8.3%
of high school students carry a weapon to school today, which is down from 26%
in 1996"(CDC 2). Metal detectors helps to establish a much needed sense of
security and allows students to concentrate on their schoolwork. Many students
believe that these metal detectors will ward off would be violators of the
school's policy, that weapons of any kind or nature would not be permitted on
the school premises. School faculty and staff have reported that they feel safer
and more at ease with the students, when metal detectors are in use. Although
metal detectors are a step in the right direction, they alone are not the only
answer. In order for the full effect of the detectors to be achieved, there must
be some sort of security guard or monitor in place to implement them. Police and
full time security Chabert 3 guards have played an important and necessary role
in education for many years. The extent of policing was limited in the past as
compared to today however. "Police are showing up in suburban and small
town schools"(Robinson 2). The presence of police help to deter students
from violating school policies. A policy such as "no fighting", may
include punishment such as a" three day suspension for first time offenders
"(Robinson 4). Police effectiveness is greatly due to the fact that people
in uniform maintain a higher degree of authority and respect than someone
dressed in regular street clothes. Police alone are but a small percentage of
the overall effectiveness and success of the school security (Greene 3A).
Another percentage of the success rate is due to the counselor-student
relationship. School counselors are a part of the school system and have been
for some time. Until a few years ago, they were hired ... more

new year resolution


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