WHICH ONE ???????????Humanity. That is what I feel a UWC education can offer me. The values of the UWC which aim to instill responsibility, integrity, open-mindedness, respect as well as an understanding that we are all the same are among the values which form the basic foundation of humanity. In my opinion, I feel that this is truly one of the best benefits from a UWC education as humanity is one of the fundamental things missing from humans in this generation. Therefore, a UWC education will definitely be the stepping stone in the correct direction as it will play a role in awakening the humanity in me which in turn will push me to strive to improve myself. True to the words of Shelby Davis, I want to be one of the dreamers who will actually aim to achieve her dreams. A UWC education will benefit me by making me a more emotionally and socially mature person. Its curriculum which provides a holistic approach towards education and recognizes the importance of co-curricular activities and voluntary work. It will make me more independent, balanced, and tolerant in many aspects. I believe that a UWC education will finally allow me to fit in because of its values, one of which celebrates differences. It would offer me a chance to see and immerse myself in various different cultures which I would not get to see normally. As a teenager who dreams of a peaceful future where there is a mutual understanding among all living things, I feel that a UWC education will help me achieve at least a part of this dream.