When seeking to calculate out whether or non it is really hardware disease, the diagnosing is made on observations of any of the clinical marks above. There is non a 100 per centum guaranteed that it is hardware because there are so many other diseases that are present with the same marks. All in all a withers trial can be done by squashing the anchor of the cow merely above the withers to see if the carnal oinks. This shows that the hurting is located in that front half of the cow ( WVUE ) . In cowss, “ if peritoneal inflammation is terrible, the animate being may decease within a twosome of yearss ” ( Thomas 1998 ) . If the cow has chronic peritoneal inflammation than it you may non see the symptoms for months but the animate being will be in changeless uncomfortableness ( Thomas 1998 ) . Therefore, if hardware disease is happening the animate being in inquiry may merely non be making so good but hardware disease is a an error because it is non seeable, which should be followed by an scrutiny by an veterinarian ( Thomas 1998 ) . It is much easier to forestall any kind of disease instead than handling it or seeking to bring around it. It is besides non merely easy but cheaper in the long tally to forestall the diseases. The easiest manner to forestall hardware disease is make certain that you pick up each and every piece of metal that is out in the field, that includes every nail that you drop while nailing up boards, every piece of barb-wire that you cut off, every bit good as the little nuts and bolts that everybody tends to drop. The figure one bar method revolves around the direction of the eating and croping countries to avoid the consumption of foreign objects. If grazing lands are managed right for feeding and graze, the husbandman should ne’er hold to worry about their carnal acquiring hardware disease. There is plentifulness of information available on the cyberspace and in veterinary offices. There is besides adequate information available from the local extension office every bit good as several books to forestall about any curable or treatable disease. Companies are besides assisting out with the job of hardware disease by seting magnets in provender Millss and eatage harvest home equipment, although these are non 100 per centum they help. Metal is non the lone object that the cowss will consume, they will on occasion consume fictile point therefore a magnet will non because it will non be able to maintain the point in one topographic point ( WVUE ) . As everybody knows we can non alter the eating wonts of cowss, so accordingly we have to happen other methods of maintain the metal fro harming the farm animal. One method that works is to infix a magnet in to the cow at an early age, the metal that is eaten will more than probably happen its manner to the magnet and halt there and travel no farther. The magnet is merely able to make so much so if the cow is demoing marks of hardware disease so it would be necessary to infix another magnet. The magnets are reasonably inexpensive and will assist out in the long tally. They merely cost about two to five dollars and if you are able to acquire them back from the slaughter house they are even cheaper. Magnets are a batch less in expensive than the cost of surgery ( WVUE ) . With any disease, the bar of the certain disease is a batch cheaper than the cost of surgery or intervention. The easiest thing to make for any husbandman is to maintain all metal out of the field and out of range at all times.