Psychology is one of my favorite courses that I am taking this semester. Before taking this course, I thought it was a course designed to teach people how to deal with patients with mental health issues. Needless to say I now know better. Chapter one was the most significant to me because it shed a whole new light into what I thought was Human Growth and Development. After each class, I see the reality of what I have just learned in class. Most of the chapters we studied were very interesting to me. Each of these chapters carried strange and different information that stimulated my thoughts about the future, past, and even what is taking place in my life right at the time I was learning. It was a reflection of all the biological, physical, cognitive, socio-cultural processes that have taken place in my life time and of which some, of the characteristics will stop, change, and fluctuate as I get older.
The one thing that I would do to improve the way this course is taught is to go on class field trips to a mental ward at the hospital. The thing that I think would improve student interaction in this course is to have group class projects. The principle that I learned in this course I plan to apply is to try reading people situations and mental capacities a little better. Because at my job I encounter a lot of personalities and people with a lot of mental illness.
The major that I pursuing is Computer Information System at Calhoun Community College. This course will help me in my computer field to adapt to a lot of stressful situations that I might encounter on the job. If I was a clinical psychologist in China I would have to understand that it might be against their religion to diagnosis a patient it might cause a family to become outcast in the city. So I wouldn?t do anything to cause a family grief or hardship while I?m treating their family member.
Although I enjoyed all the chapters we have studied so far, chapter one is the chapter I will like to appreciate. In this chapter, I will throw more light on the Freudian stages of development. According to Freud, people develop through five psychosexual stages in which the focus of pleasure changes. These stages are Oral stage, anal stage, phallic stage, latency stage, and the genital stage respectively. Each of these stages has a unique region of the body that children focus on the mouth, anal stage; child pleasure focuses on the anus, phallic stage; child?s pleasure depends on the genital, just to state a few. This is very appealing to me because I have seen the truth of this statement to some extent in my two sons. Despite the fact this theory has been revised by a number of psychoanalytic theorists that came out with an analogy which state that Freud place more emphasis on sexual instinct without regarding cultural experience of an individual development. I still notice some pieces of truth in his theory in my sons.
In conclusion, I am proud to say that this course has been more than a lot learning experience for me. It stimulated a new way of thinking in me and made me aware of my lack of intuitive and abstract thinking about the world and its inhabitants. At first it was difficult for me to understand why certain behaviors, characteristics are peculiar to a certain age group, degrees in sight, hearing in adulthood but with this course I have come to learn and appreciate these differences. It has provided me with information that will help me interpret and analyze situations that will come along in my life in a more reasonable manner than before. I really liked this class. I am still amazed and surprised at how relaxed and enjoyable and enriching the class has been for me.