Volkswagen Company Analysis

Executive Summary
Company description goals
The Volkswagen Group with its headquarters in Wolfsburg is one of the world?s leading automobile manufacturers and the largest carmaker in Europe. in Western Europe, the largest car market in the world, just over one in five new cars (20.3 percent) comes from the Volkswagen Group. Group sales rose in 2008 to 113.8 billion euros (2007: 108.9 billion). Profit after tax in the 2008 financial year amounted to 4.69 billion euros (2007: 4.12 billion). The Group operates 60 production plants in fifteen European countries and a further six countries in the Americas, Asia and Africa. Around the world, nearly 370,000 employees produce more than 26,600 vehicles or are involved in vehicle-related services each working day. The Volkswagen Group sells its vehicles in more than 150 countries.
Company goals
It is the goal of the Group to offer attractive, safe and environmentally sound vehicles which are competitive on an increasingly tough market and which set world standards in their respective classes. Another goal of Volkswagen is to double their sales by advancing their brand image by making the services more reliable to our customers. Winfried Vahland, the Wolfsburg, Germany-based company president, stated: ?We plan to add or renew at least four models per year and double the number of dealership to achieve our sales target?.

Unique features of the business
?The people want safety standards to be standard?. This motto shows the ability of VW to gain consumer loyalty. High safety standards, attractive look, and pro-environmental features are fundamental keys of the company?s market success.
Some unique features of VW are:
1. Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP)
2. Tire Pressure Monitoring System
3. Nappa leather seating surfaces with Vavona wood interior trim
4. Halogen reflector lens fog lights
5. Climatronic dual zone and auto-climate control
6. Exterior side mirrors with memory
7. 6-speed automatic
8. Recyclable materials
9. Most fuel efficient cars
Why we chose this corporation
Volkswagen is the giant of the car industry. It is the most successful corporation in this industry. We, as a group, found this corporation very exciting to explore because of their economic status and their power in this industry. We found it challenging how the corporation operates in terms of their market strategies and relationships with consumers.

Most important issue facing the corporation
The most important issue facing the corporation today is producing cars that are more environmental. This gives us room for understanding the corporation?s purpose to build cars that release fewer emissions and are more economical in a sense of spending less fuel.

Business Mission & Vision
Corporation?s mission is to provide services that differentiate our brand from other brands by producing automobiles that are qualitative, safer, more efficient and environmental. As we know, the world is facing its worst obstacle which is pollution. Corporation?s future plan towards environment protection is to reduce the exhaust emission of nitrous oxide and soot particles, and make cars independent of fossil fuels.
Corporation?s vision is to use different techniques to make it reliable for customers to evaluate our product line; furthermore, starting with perception quality, then perception of satisfaction, emotional attachment, overall experience, and willingness to be advocate of the brand. These techniques get us closer to our customers. By knowing their needs, we as a corporation make a product line able for them to fulfill their desires. The vision of our corporation is sustainable above those criteria?s of the new ownership experiences.
Principles & Values
With the signing of Johannesburg sustainability summit, Volkswagen joined the Global Compact. By this summit the corporations renewed the principles, which are:
? Principle 1: Business should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights
? Principle 2: Business must ensure their own corporations are not complicit in human right abuses
? Principle 3: Business should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining
? Principle 4: Business should support the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labor
? Principle 5: Business should support the effective abolition of child labor
? Principle 6: Business should support the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation
? Principle 7: Business should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges
? Principle 8: Business should undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
? Principle 9: Business should encourage the development and diffusion of environmental friendly technologies
? Principle 10: Business should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery
Values of corporation are: trade values, group values, social values, sustainable in supplier relationships, cooperative conduct at the work place, environmental group principles, environmental objectives of technical development, biodiversity mission statement, organization instruction, avoiding