Visions of America: Abstraction

Amber B. Williamson


February 23, 2016
Jamie Welch

Abstract Style

A group of early American modernists began to create beautiful pieces
that did not make sense to fellow artist. They used a style that included
lots of shapes, forms, colors, and textures to create a feeling for
external reality. Thus, Abstract Expressionism was born.
This type of art originated in New York. Many pieces such as Rush Hour
by Max Weber uses diagonal shapes to represent the rushing city life. He
tries to show movement and capture the powerful rhythms of the streets
through his eyes. Another form of art that uses angles and shapes is
Cubism. This form of art started in France with Georges Braque and Pablo
Picasso. Without the development of Cubism artist would not be able to see
beyond traditional art. New styles of art would have never been discovered.
Today, Cubism has allowed us to use our critical thinking and see the many
sided of an image. I feel that it has paved the way for 3d and 4d images.
I am a very creative person. I try to fine the use out of everything
that I come across. I tend to take ordinary items and create something with
them that you wouldn't expect. Without Cubism, America would have never had
the opportunity to experience this creative and unique form of art.
Abstract Expressionism is by far my favorite style. With the crazy designs
and vibrant colors, it allows me to create my own expression and emotions
about the piece. It also allows me to see the beauty inside the art rather
then what is just in front of me.

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