University Versus a Community College
One of the hardest decision   after graduating from the high school is to choose to go to a university or community college. Universities and community colleges provide academic education and prepare the high school graduates for specific major. However university and community college differ in their admission requirements, learning environment and tuition.
Universities ask for more requirements from the students and they only accept students who have high good grades in high school and they often require students to take advance placement tests . Community colleges can have 100% accepting rate for any student who has at least a high school diploma or GED and their placement tests are also easier than universities.
Universities always have big classrooms where tens of students can be in each classroom. However, c ommunity colleges have small classrooms where you can have the chance to ask your professor and get the answer. Some students at universities say that sometimes it's hard to ask a question because their classroom has a lot of students so they have less opportunity to interact with their teacher.

I f you will go to university you should have a lot of money or have someone who can support you until you finish your education. Going to university is always cost you a lot of money especially for the people who are not eligible for finical aid. Community colleges have affordable tuition and other fees that a normal student can handle during the academic year. Majority of People with small budget s start to go to community colleges where they can save thousands of dollars then they transfer their credits to universities in order to get the bachelor degree.
Although university and community college provide academic education, there are remarkable differences in their admission requirements, learning environment and tuition. Nowadays many students start with community college then go to university to get Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees or Doctorates.