Traveling With a Companion
Traveling alone or with a companion ? Whe n I always start to think about traveling, I think about the destination and who I should travel with. There many tasks I should do to prepare for traveling. Some of my friends and relatives have previous experience in traveling to many places around the world. I prefer to travel with a companion rather than travel alone where we can share our experience, save money and have more fun.

First, sharing our experience is one of the reasons that I prefer to travel with a companion . Traveling is not an easy activity. Before we travel, we should organize many things like hotel, transportation, restaurants and the places that we are going to go . My companion and I can share these tasks and use our experience to make the trip easy.

Second, saving money is another reason why I prefer to travel with a companion. Some Traveling agencies offer special prices for travelers as group. Also paying for hotels, eating food in restaurants and using transportation are more cheap as group than in individually. Traveling with a friend can make the trip less expensive and save a lot of money.

Third, another reason why I prefer to travel with a companion is that we can have more fun. When I travel with a companion, we can talk and do some activities. I tried both experience traveling alone and with group. I had more fun when I traveled with a comp anion than traveling alone.

S ome people may be like to travel alone and have more freedom. However, traveling is not easy activity and traveling with a companion can help you in many task s , save your money and enjoy the trip . You don't know what is going to happen in trip. We also feel safer when we travel with a companion that h e/she can help me if something unexpected maybe occurs during the trip where we don' t know anyone and away from our families and friends .

For these reasons, I always chose to travel with someone than I travel by myself. There are always a lot benefits from traveling with a companion are available for us. The trip can be easy, unexpansive and enjoyable. The advantages of the traveling with someone are always put traveling with a companion first and best idea for traveling plan.