Traditional And Progressive Education


Traditional And Progressive Education
The debate of Traditional vs. progressive education has been going on since the
first school was built. Both sides has it’s ups and downs, but I believe that
the best form of education is progressive. Progressive education prepares us
better for the real world. Progressive education, unlike traditional, lets the
teachers reach the kids in the era. For example with progressive the instructors
use real life situations teach the students, instead of from a textbook. With
using real life examples the kids can relate and understand better than things
coming out of a ten year old textbook. Therefore the pupils will be more
attentive to what the teacher is saying. In addition in place of sixteen year
old tests the students will be tested on information vital to the "real
world". This will make your students more apt to make it in the world of work.

Also then they will be able to make the right designs when the grow up. With all
that said, progressive education clearly reaches out and teaches more kids. The
education system should be progressive because it focuses on the freedom if the
learner. For example instead of external disciple being used free activity is
used. That drops the fear that the teacher can punish you for nothing more than
looking at him/her funny. This also allows the pupil to see that something good
comes from life instead of just punishment. In addition instead of being stuck
use the same textbook, the same assignments, and the same texts teachers can
makeup their up own and assignments. This allows the instructor to make it so
the students he/she has can understand and find it interesting. This will help
the students to learn more then they thought they could. Progressive education
is the way to go for freedom of the leaner. Students no longer look at their
teacher as a group of "know it all" who’s only fun is to question little
kids on stuff they do not know. For example through the traditional way of going
teachers are the people with all the answers, the "All-knowing Beings of

Greatness and Wisdom". This make the students resent the teachers and not want
to comply with their directions. They also lose respect for the teacher and
school in general. In addition through the progressive way the teachers seem
more as some who guides you through the trouble times. This give the teacher
back the respects of his/her pupils. This always the teacher to tell the student
what to do and it will get done. With the traditional way of doing things
teachers get no respect. The progressive way of education is the best. It helps
the students learn and get help in the real world. Also it give the teachers a
freedom to do what they want, instead of what a text books say.

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