The Republic of Pakistan (Speech)


The Republic of Pakistan (Speech)

Thank You, ladies and gentlemen. Now, we, The Republic of Pakistan, as we
feel it is our sole responsibility to do so, would hereby like to take
this opportunity to inform and educate you of our current situation... We
would like to show you what has happened with ourselves and India, what
were the reasons and causes, and what we would like to do. I hope that you
would listen carefully as is this is a very important issue to

Almost 50 years (half a century, ladies and gentlemen) For the
last fifty years, there has been debates on settle of Kashmir. We, The

Republic of Pakistan, firmly believe that we deserve the right of
ownership, while India claims otherwise. Both of us want full ownership
of all of Kashmir. For the last 2, two years, has there been constant war
in Kashmir concerning this regard. India has yet sent over 200,000 troops
to torture, kill, rape, slaughter, and burn (yes burn), innocent
bystanders. Now, we would like this to an absolute and complete
stop! Kashmir is a beautiful place: It contains
many attractive site for tourists with luxuries architectural buildings
and beautiful surroundings. Also, it possesses many, many natural and
agricultural resources which can be of great use. At present, India is
destroying both of these great features. We WANT INDIA to acknowledge the
harm they have done to, and indeed, take proper responsibility!

They have damaged property which they have not even yet claimed. They have
killed hundreds of men and women. They are destroying both our and their
society, and we want them to STOP! This, ladies and gentlemen, is absorb.

We, The Republic of Pakistan, on the other hand, want to take a rational
approach towards the remedy. A approach which is to everyone logical
liking as follows:

We live in a democracy, do we not, ladies and gentlemen? Pakistan is a
democracy. And what is a democracy? A democracy is a state of government
where the dominant number of people favouring a certain movement, must have
the right to that movement. This, however, is

NOT being done! The Prime Minister of

Kashmir is Hindu, and thus wants to be with India (since we know India is
mainly full of Hindus). Pakistan and India were separated into these to
religious classes, and since the beginning, India has been at Pakistan with
hate. The Prime Minister is taking advantage of his power, and is not
abiding by law. He decides what needs be done, regardless of what the
people think. But ladies and gentlemen, the population MUST have the right
to choose. From our studies, we have found the majority of the population
is wanting to side with us.

All we ask, is that a proper and fare election be held to rectify the
situation. And if be the outcome to side with India, then we will

Furthermore, we ask that a outsider who is not connected with
this situation, be a supervisor SO THAT INDIA CANNOT CHEAT, AS

THEY HAVE DONE IN THE PAST! The United Nations Observation Team should of
course be involved in this matter, however, we would like yet
another outside source to view the situation at hand. This way, there will
be less misunderstandings, less mistakes, and be best for all.

Moreover, Narsimah Rao (the Prime Minister of India) is unwilling
to negotiate. Upon our numerous attempts, we were unsuccessful to
convince him of compromise. This attitude is very disturbing, and
therefore the actions clarified by Pakistan in the resolution submitted,
should be well considered.

Now, listen, ladies and gentlemen: Do we not want to stop wars? Do we not
want to stop harming our society as much as we already have? Is the world
not full of so many wars than need be? THEN, it is the responsibility of
the United Nations to grant us, The Republic of Pakistan, this
small request. Let us all live in peace, and let no situation as absorb as
the aforementioned be repeated again.

I thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for listening to us thus far. And
we sincerely hope that you understand our concern, AND willingness to
rectify the situation as previous mentioned. All our intentions are fair
and laid out clearly, we only hope you decide to give us the opportunity to
stop the chaos. Thank You.

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