The period between 1860 into 1877, while being extremely important in the development of our nation, was also an intensely revolutionary period of our country's history in the way that every single act commited during this time was a presedent and in its own way revolutionary itself. This was the first time for our nation to ever go through anything of this magnittude and importance. Everything that was happening here was happening for the very first time. And because of this our country went through a tremedously trying time in both the social and the constitutional fronts.
Constitutionaly this nation went through one of the most momentous revolutions in its time. The country was now torn apart over the idea that the south had the constitutional right to decide whether or not slavery should be allowed. The south believed that as is stated in the constitution any power not delegated to the national government is solemnly reserved for the states and the people. Never had an issue been so feircely fought about that it took a nation to be torn in half and many thousands of lives lost until it was finally set right. Another prime example of this was that after the great civil war had been fought and the north declared the victors the government was almost in a state of anarchy. There were arguments every about whether the government had true constitutional means to do anything about the civil rights of Blacks, how would the southern states be reintroduced into the union, should they use Lincolns 10% plan which would allow the rebel states representation once more after 10% of the voters of the 1860 election had sworn eliegence to the union or the much harsher plan of the radical republicans which would only allow the states back into the union after 50% of the voters had sworn eliegence and other much harsher circumstance had been completed? There were many dispute over how to handle each and everyone of these issues that lead all the way to the presidency. The constitution was being used in ways that it never had been before, but through all this chaos and disarray it was the one thing that kept this country bound as a union. With out it we may have never survived the even more colossal social developments during this time period.

During the time shortly after the civil war the nation went through a revolutionary period of hatred and disgust for each other and the government that had never seen before. Much of this was caused by a trend of corruption that seemed to have taken over many of the government positions. One such example of this was found in a man named Burley "Boss" Tweed who created a personal empire out of his profiteering and soon became a millionaire. This trend was not however limited to the low-lying government positions. It was found all the way up to the office of the vice president. It was said that when the man in the moon passed over America he had to hold his breath because of its retched smell. This in turn created a national mistrust for the government within the people. This was not the only social development that can be called revolutionary. Now that the blacks were free and at least constitutionally supposed to be equal the went through much harder times than and faced much fiercer prejeduce than before the war. Before the civil war they were slaves to their own masters. Now that the have been emancipated they were slaves to their own freedon. When the were with their masters they were dependent upon them for food and shelter. But now that they were free they had do deal with these problems on their own. And because the freedmen's bureau ,which was instituted to help the blacks make the transition from servitude into freedom, had been made ineffective by President Johnson. It was almost impossible for a black man to get a good education. Most often the former slave would have to go back to work for his old master in worse conditions and for very small pay.
The time between 1860 and 1877 was revolutionary in the way that everything that