The Disproof (and proof) of Everything

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The Disproof (and proof) of Everything

Since the beginning of time, men (I'm speaking of the human race, this
is not sexist in anyway because women are included in this too) have
pondered our existence and purpose, as well as the nature of the world we
live in. This is perhaps the single most time consuming thought we ever
have for most people live their entire lifetimes without finding the answer
or even coming close to one. I myself have pondered this question for most
of my life, until recently when I used some odd (but logical) logic to come
up with a strange conclusion: Nothing exists, and everything exists, for
everything is possible all at the same time.

Now, by now the reader of this paper is thinking "How is this
possible?" or "This guy should be locked up!". Therefore, I plan to explain
how I reached this conclusion in this paper. However, I must give fair
warning, that some of the logic I used is strange and complex. If you have
any doubts about your mental health, or are unsure of your capacities and
limitations in any way, please do not read this, or at least do not take it
seriously. For those of you who feel you can handle this, read on. Now, let
us start at the most logical place to begin, the beginning.

What is reality?

Well, there are many explanations and theories about this, but I based
mine on what I can observe and how I perceive things as a whole. Reality,
as we know it seems to be made up of various dimensions. Most people will
say reality is three dimensional, but it's really more than that. Time is
often considered a fourth dimension, and some people say that there are at
least eight known dimensions, possibly as many as thirty. However, it will
be easier to start with dimensions from the ground up. Let us start with
zero dimensions. A zero dimensional reality is a point. It does not extend
in any direction, it is one point, there are no alternatives at all. This
is the only type of reality in which a "fact" as we know it really exists.

It either is or it isn't. Now, try to imagine a line. Well, there are
several types of lines. There are infinite lines, which extend in both
directions forever, and lines with one limit, and lines with two limits.

Infinity with limits is still infinity. Suppose the line is limited, and is
a certain length, not extending forever. This is a one dimensional reality,
you can go one way, or the other. Now, how many points (zero dimensional
realities) are on the line? Infinite. No matter how short the line is,
there's always an infinite number of points. Ok, now on to two dimensions.

Two dimensional realities are planes. They're flat level surfaces. How many
lines are on a plane? Infinite. So, a two dimensional reality is infinity
squared zero dimensional realities. Likewise, three dimensions is an
infinite number of planes, and four is an infinite number of three
dimensional realities. Therefore, there are somewhere between infinity to
the 8th and infinity to the 30th zero dimensional realities in our

What is infinity good for?

Now that is a good question. What does a universe do with infinite
realities? It fills them up. Now, this means to fill up infinite realities,
you must have infinite possibilities. So, there are an infinite number of
realities in which an event happens, and an infinite number in which it
doesn't happen. This is true of every event. The reason we don't perceive
it this way, is because our perception is limited. For instance, we do not
perceive time as a dimension like height and length and width. This is
because we are moving along time in one direction, and cannot sense changes
in it. Therefore, events do not just happen for one instant, we only
perceive them for one instant as we move along the positive time axis.

Therefore everything that ever happened, and everything that will still
exists, we just don't see it. So, one can conclude that it is reasonable
that we may jump from one reality to another as we move along time.

Therefore, nothing is a fact, whether it has happened, is happening, or
will happen. Everything is just an expression of probability with no one or
zero value. So, there is such a thing as infinite improbability, and
infinite probability. But not definite probability and definite
improbability. So, the probability of an

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