The Devil’s Prey


The Devil’s Prey

In the dark corner of time,

I slowly lose all of my mind.

All the pressures of the earth,
rebegin at every birth.

Redefining all of our thoughts,
broken down by gun-like shots.

Another blow to my head,
one more time I’ll surely be dead.

Where do you go to find the key of answers?

I've found no answers inside of me.

Looking for a way back home,

I'll search the world with a fine-toothed comb.

Perfect bait, the Devil's prey.

Closer yet, day by day.

Running from the fear within.

Heart or soul, which will win?

Comprehending, soul-defending.

Unaware, without a care.

No more of this pretending.

I'll say goodbye, this is my final ending.

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