The teenager is a creature far different from that of any other.
These strange beings are classified into the species of the homo sapiens
ranging from thirteen to eighteen years of age. Through the years, it
seems that a teenager has grown more to be a separate class in itself
rather than a certain time period in life.

Although teenagers are really almost a separate sub- species of the
human race, none of them are really quite the same. The teenager may be
divided into three separate categories ranging from the radical, moderate,
and conservative. The "radical" teenager may be best described as one
going to all extremes to try and prove something that nobody else can
really understand. Punks, stoners, new- wavers, skaters, surfers, and
other similar people fall into this category. The "moderate" sub-species
of the teenager may best be described as the classic teenager, or really a
teenager who epitomizes most of the qualities of a "normal" teenager. This
category comprises the widest range of people and could definitely be
sub-divided within itself. This particular category of teenager is slightly
vague as it can range from teenagers such as "jocks" to "brains". The last
of these categories, the "conservative" teenager describes the class of
teenagers who follow the rules and teachings of the adult world without a
complaint or rejection. One will most likely find a "conservative" teen in
the front of the classroom trying to get as close to the teacher's desk as
possible. One will find that this person is usually quite timid and quiet
the majority of the time.

The description of any of these abstract creatures is quite difficult
because of the vast difference in each one's features. These beings may
range from 3 feet in height up to around 7 feet. They can be either tall,
fat, thin, short, ugly, attractive, intelligent, slow, fast, responsible,
irresponsable or a variety of several more features humanly possible. The
"radical" and "moderate" teenagers are usually quite unpredictable and can
usually never be trusted. The vast majority of teenagers begin to actually
think and reason for the first time in their life and begin to have
contrasting beliefs from what they have been taught by their elders for 13
to 18 years. Before hitting the teenage years, most every person accepted
just about everything taught by their parents as they had no reason not to
believe in their parents, and also knew no better. As these teens begin to
think, they find logic in new and different beliefs and find many old
beliefs obsolete. Teens could be a major advantage to the human race if it
were not for their tragic flaw in which they think that they have had so
much experience in life that they are ready to handle it all and take on
the world with their "vast knowledge of life".

Although teens are far from perfect, they are still not treated to the
best of the older generation's ability. The average teenager is "abused"
by their elders. Teens are forced to do miscellaneous odd jobs not
respectable to the human race. One may find a teenager doing such
degradable chores ranging from taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, to
sacking groceries at the local grocery store. Although for the most part
teenagers are mistreated, being a teenager has its definite advantages.
For in being a teenager, not much is mentally expected of you, for the
elder generation has accepted the fact of the difference between them and
the teen. As the elder generation was also forced to go through this
demanding time in life, they realize how "difficult" it is, thus a teenager
can practically get away with "murder".

As the teenager can never fully be described because of their wide
variety of qualities both mentally and physically, many people struggle to
find out exactly why teenagers act as they do. As one may see, the
differences of the teenager are quite obvious and contrasting to that of
any other period in life.