Stephen Kings' It


Stephen Kings' It

Author:Stephen King
Publisher:Penguin Books

B)Brief Summary

   The book fades into a suburb scene with a boy,a boy chasing a paper
boat his brother willingly made.This boat's strong the boy (George) thinks
to himself just before it is digested by a storm drain and inside there is
a clown.He has the boat,he also has a balloon.He says"Georgy you want this
boat and balloon right!!"The response is obvious.Georgy asks if they really
float.As Georgy the fool reaches down and is grabbed by the decaying corpse
monster."It floats,we all float down here".In a few minutes Georgy is
discovered and is taken home to the grief stricken mother who is betook by
sadness.This when the 1093 page book really begins to heat up.During the
course of the summer in Derry where the setting is taking place at the time
being.A little club falls together and by fluke they are all victims and
survivors of the freak monster It.At first they just explain to each other
their horrid accidents and escapes.The method they used to escape is their
secret weapon against It.For instance for Bill it is to say this one verse
"He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he's seeing
ghost's".For Ben Hanscom it's shouting "You are not real".Etc.Bill who is
George's brother is asking Richie,another survivor,if he would come with
him to the an old house with him.He agrees and brings sneezing powder and
Bill brings a gun and a sling shot.They crawl under the porch and through
the window into the ancient house.They stay together and meet the clown he
has changed into a leper and is coming towards them.Bill shoots but it
doesn't affect the monster.The leper grabs Bill and start choking him.Then
Richie blared at it one of his voice imitations.That made the creature turn
away and let go of Bill.They both then scrambled out of the house and into
the fresh air the leper was following them.they jumped on Bill's bike and
they off.But the leper followed until Richie threw the powder into the
lepers eyes.After that incident they all decided to make a truce to come
back to Derry if the monster ever came back.After they made the truce they
built a clubhouse and enjoyed the rest of their childhood year's.

30 Years later:

   They are all called by Bill to come back to Derry.It had come back.So
as soon as they get there they are attacked by an old enemy who is under
the power of It.They stop him by luck and escape with their lives.The next
day they go to the sewers where most It victims were found(Collage of this
on last page).They travel in the wastelands for hours searching for the
lair of It.They find a small door with the picture of each one of their
fears imprinted on it.They go in and see that It has taken the shape of a
giant spider writhing and pulsing in it's exoskeleton. It attacks and
everybody says their  special word or action or phrase.then Bill rips open
It's stomach and thrashes around until he tears the heart of the beast in
two.then the eary light fades and It is dead.The novel ends when all the
characters are united with their wives.

C) Critical Analysis

   This book was a true horror book.It was one of the ones that keep you
up if you read it at night.The book was fictional and semi- true.The
setting was always clearly explained and the plot was never slow.If you
started to read a bit you would have to keep reading till your eyes are too
tired to stay open.It took Stephen King 4 year's to complete this
masterpiece.Really it is worth reading.Here are Some Rave reviews:"A
mesmerizing odyssey of terror...great...Stephen King is the master of
modern horror...He writes like one possessed,never cheats the reader,always
gives full measure...He is brilliant...dark and sinister." -The Washington
Post Book World

D)My Recommendations

   I clearly recommend this book to people not affected by foul language
and horror killings.This book is for people at least 14 and up.The ideas
and mind sketches etched by Stephen King are discreet and explicit.They are
phsycotic and sometimes unimaginable setting and actions taken place in
course of the book.Sensitive reader's should not even look at this
book.This Concludes the writing portion of my report.

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