Some people think that job satisfaction is more important, while think that a stable job is more important. Discuss both views and give youe opinion
It is true tha the social issue has become one of the highlt controversial issues that attact people's attention in today's world. While it can be argued that job satisfaction is important, there are some people who strongly advocate that a stable job is more important. In my opinion, I to
On the one hand, there are some arguments in favor of the idea that job satisable is more important. Firstly , job satisable has a positive impact on improving productivity of workers, that means if they feel satisfied with their work, they can doing better and having motivated at work. For example , there are a lot of people want to work witj difficult tasks and complex in a working condition professional and challenging , so they can get a lot of practical experience and useful skills. Besides, many people want to work with friendly colleague and kind, who can help them further career. Sencondly, No one can be sure about the future. Thus, they should enjoy their work. Many peope participate social works to make a great contribution to their social and a high salary don't important with them. Instead, They want good things and live a meaningful life
On the other hand, there are several seasons to support the statement that stable job is important. One main argument is that workers need money to spend on the cost of living everyday. For example, many parents need money to raise their family, so they prefer a more stable job than job satisfaction them. furthermore, in fact, The job market is becoming competitive. Sometimes, it is difficult with many young people to find a good job with a high salary. Thus, a job stable is the most mportant factor for them
In conclusion, the above mentioned facts have created a dilemma when people avaluate the impact of this issue, and it has still sparked controversy in recent years. People should have further consideration on this issue