Ryan Todrank14 September 2017CHDV 131Reading Response 2After reading the article, one the most interesting thing I read was "If Research shows that four month old babies vocalize more when an adult is present, what is the crucial factor that stimulates this vocalization? Eye gaze!" p.220. I find this quote very interesting because I think it is so true! A baby can learn language from you with talking to them but eye contact is the most important thing. Not only is it the voice, but your expressions and your voice tone are what really help and baby learn. This is what makes eye contact so important.I work at a daycare and many of the kids have baby brothers and sisters. I will walk up to them and at first they will not notice that I am even there. I can tell because when I start talking they are just looking away or eating their toes. But if I make a small gesture like touch there nose or grab their finger, there stare right at me. I will say things like "how are you today?" And they will just stare right at me and go "babababa" not only do I know that they are focused on me, but I know that they are learning language development.French scientists did a study to see if they could if a baby was French just by the babbling, and they say that they were able to identify it. They were able to do this by the sounds that the babies used. English reared babies babble mostly with a falling intonation while French babies end with a rising intonation.There are many people that I work with that come from many different backgrounds, I see babies from Italian backgrounds, Mexican backgrounds, and an Australian background. From my experience, of all of the babies that I work with, I can tell that they are not American just from the babbling. With the Australian child for example, He still is learning English, but the tone is so much different that it makes it obvious that it is not American English just from his "babababa". For children that are bilingual, I think that it just depends on what the native language is. Whatever language is stronger will be the deciding factor.