Romeo And Juliet Influence

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Romeo And Juliet Influence

William Shakespeare, the English poet and playwright of the 16th -17th
centuries, is known as the best dramatist in the world. He is also known as the
best author who has written in the English language. He has written a lot of
great plays and sonnets, which are read and admired by people all over the
world. The reason for his popularity is his understanding of people and his
ability to create the characters almost mirroring the real life situations,
human feelings and behaviors. Shakespeare could understand the human character
very deeply, therefore he could create characters beyond the time and place of
his plays (The World Book Encyclopedia 17 345). One of his most popular plays is
the tragedy Romeo and Juliet, talking about the tragic ending of the young love
of two teenagers. It is considered the best play about love in the world. The
story takes place in Verona, a city in Italy. Romeo and Juliet are two young
teenagers who love each other indeed but can not realize their dreams because
their families Montagues and Capulets are in a deadly feud. Romeo and Juliet get
secretly married. After the wedding Romeo comes across the Juliets cousin Tybalt,
who challenges him to a fight. But Romeo doesnt want to fight his new relative.

Instead Romeos friend Mercutio fights Tybalt and gets killed. In revenge Romeo
fights and kills Tybalt, for what he is expelled from the city. Meanwhile

Juliets father forces her to marry his friend Paris. To escape this terrible
situation, she asks Friar Lawrence for help, who gives her a drug that puts her
in a deathlike sleep for two days. Romeo hears the bad news about Juliets death
before he gets the message sent by Friar Lawrence and rushes to the tomb where

Juliet was put. Life has no meaning for him anymore, so he takes a poison and
dies near Juliets body. When Juliet awakens from the sleep, she sees her love
dead and doesnt want to live anymore, so she stabs herself. Death of the two
young lovers make the families understand that they must end their feud (The

World Book Encyclopedia 17 358). At that time it was strongly believed that the
true love always struck at first sight and in this play Romeo and Juliet fall in
love from the first sight (Brian C). Some critics say that the idealized love of

Romeo and Juliet is rooted on passionate sexuality. But to Elizabethans sexual
desire was not antithetical to romance; it was the essence of romance (Brian C).

Romeo and Juliet is based on a poem by an English author Arthur Brooke The

Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet ("The World Book Encyclopedia

17" 358). Some critics refer to this as one of the weak points of the play,
saying that Shakespeare didnt write many original plots, he found what he was
looking for ready in Arthur Brookes poem (Rowse 70). But thinking about the
plays interesting plot, the beautiful language full of word-plays, different
characters and at last the love theme which is the basic element that makes it
so interesting, all these things completely make this and the other weak points
and faults found by critics fade out. Many critics have also addressed the
language of the play. Artificial language, used a lot in the play, was
characteristic for the Elizabethan age ("The World Book Encyclopedia

17" 358). Elizabethans liked those long phrases and fast word-plays, which
become simple conversations if retold in modern word interpretation (Brian C).

But Shakespeare has used some simple language, characteristic for his later
plays, too ("The World Book Encyclopedia 17" 358). Another thing we
should keep in mind is that although the script pas been written for the
performance, its read and understood easily (Brian C). There are a lot of
elements and characteristics in the play that make it popular and successful.

One of the points that gets critics attention is that despite the plays Italian
setting, the language, customs and attitudes are generally English (Brian C).

Another characteristic thing for the Elizabethan age is that there are no sudden
and original plot turns. Elizabethans werent so interested in that, how the
story was told was more important for them (Brian C). The good rhyming lines are
much frequent in the play, which is another positive element (Rowse 68). Music
and references to music are also used a lot in the play. In fact, musical
elements in this play are greater than in any other

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