Report Of Information


Report Of Information
This report is about the 3rd Annual Fall Festival Of Music, Held at Eisenhower High School, Ca. It was a local tournament at the end of marching band season. Some kids came to win, some to hope, and some to work. The primary reason for this tournament was to raise money for the Eisenhower Golden Eagle Alliance.
Many bands from their respective High-Schools came to the tournament. All of them local bands, from the surrounding cites. Bands came from schools such as, Banning High School, San Gorgonio High School, Colton High School, Rialto High school, and many others. This small tournament was for the bands who, at the end of the season, looking for another trophy.
There were favorites, and there were underdogs. The marching band from Colton High School was a heavy favorite, since the past years, have swept through tournaments, snatching away the sweepstakes trophies. The marching band from Rialto was not thought highly of. They, through the years, have had ups and downs, but lately the downs have outnumbered the ups. They came with a strong spirit; however this spirit only had 12 band members, which compared to their competition of 35 members, was very small.
This all day event was led by student hosts, their parents, and two teachers, who came early in the morning to prepare to welcome their performing guests. Many of the students were escorts, guiding the bands around the school to practice, and to get in their places to march on the field on time. Other students were Judges Assistants, serving them food, and bringing them officials forms. The students parents served and sold food, novelty clothing, and other souvenirs. In the end, profits were made, bellies were full, and kids were satisfied.
At the end of the competition, the students from the bands went home, some were happy, and some sad. Others still harbored school spirit, such as from the Band from A.B. Miller High School, who won second and third place trophies, but still cheered on their achievement. The most upset was Colton High school, who lost their sweepstakes trophies to San Gorgonio High School, a band no one really thought would win. Rialto lost their trophy to Banning High School, who laughed and jeered at their attempt at winning. "Better luck next year," was the saying of all the kids who left that day.
This competition was held at our school to make money for our band. However, that was not the only reward we students attained from it. We gained a little more people skills, and learned that a winning streak can be broken, and that sometimes you just can't win. We also learned how to work together, and apprecieated the friendships we made in this program.

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