R.M.S. Titanic
The Ship
By Bill Hadler

The R.M.S Titanic. In 1912, it was the worlds biggest ship. It was a great loss to the world when it sank not only because of the loss of life but the loss of ship too. She was very pretty as well as very huge. Lots of time was spent into this great piece of work and I would now like to tell you about some of the interesting things about this ship.
The ship itself was 882 feet in length and 92.5 feet in width. It was as big as four Statues of Liberty and was almost as big as a aircraft carrier today. This massive ship weighed 46,328 tons and the hull weighed 26,000 tons. The rudder itself weighed 20,250 tons. This means you would need a anchor of 15.5 tons to stop this massive ship. The anchor was so big they needed 20 horses to move it.
Because this ship was so very big, it would need a big enigens to move. There were two reciprocating four cylinder, triple expansion, direct-acting, inverted engines. These engines had 30,000 horsepower that ran at 77 RPM and the ship also had one low pressure Parsons turbine that had 16,000 horsepower and went at 165 RPM. The 4 tunnels at the bottom of the ship were so big that 2 trains could fit inside it. The engines were so powerful that they moved the three huge propellers that 2 were 17 feet and the other one was 23.5 ft long. These engines required boilers that prduced heat by coal. There were 29 of these boilers that helped with the ship. There were also 159 furnaces that helped provided the total heating surface of 144,142 square feet. These big engines helped the titanic made it possible to go 23 knots.
There were 3,547 passengers and crew on the ship. What would they live in. To start out, the Titanic had three different types of rooms. The first type was first class. This is what everyone wanted. It like being a 5-star hotel. These rooms were very, very expensive to live in. Today it would cost $50,000 to stay in a first class parlor suite(only two of these) and $1,724 to stay in a berth (57 of these). You lived like the rich and famous. Next was second class. This was what most people had. These were your basic hotel rooms. They were pretty good overall. A second class room on the Titanic cost $1724 today. Now the third type of room was third class. This was less than basic. It contained only a bed and a bathroom in it. All this was was a place to sleep and not even lounge around. It was, in other words, ?boring?.
The Titanic had many different things to do in it. First off it was the first ocean liner to have a gym and a heated swimming pool in it. This big boat also had a squash court, a Turkish bath, two smoking rooms (for the men only) and reading and writing rooms for the ladies, two libraries, and very big restaurants with real palm trees in them along with French waiters.
The Titanic was very great ship. Too bad it is not around anymore. This great ship was loved by all and its a shame how they have not made a recplia of this great, massive ship.