Positive Experience of Failure

Can failure be a positive experience? Failure is a negative result but, it also has a positive experience. Many people had many experiences which they were positive and negative until they became successful . We should learn from our failures, admit them and even embrace them. You won't learn if you don' t try and fail. Failure experience can lead to three positive experiences.

First, f ailure helps you to learn achieving your goals. Thomas Edison said that he hadn't field in his hundred of attempts to create the light bulb. It's not always negative experience when you fail to get the results you want but, it's an opportunity to s tart again or try a new method. Failure will give you lessons you should learn to get your aims.

Second, f ailure gives you the best chance to success. Although my oldest brother failed in the final test in high school for one time, he didn't give up. He studied hard and went to Saba university. After graduating as the first in his major, he has gotten a good position as a software engineering in Dubai. There's always something to learn from failure experience and many n ew opportunities are available to achieve your dreams.

Finally, f ailure can be a reason to push you forward. When you try to do something and fail, you will never be the person you were before you started the way. You will develop your ability and skills but ,If you avoid pursuing aims and dreams because the fear of failure you will never know what you can do. Failure can push you to a new advance level.

Although many people think that failure is a negative experience that can make them frustrated and this frustration will always stop them to be open for new experience. It can be sometimes. However, if you don't fail you will not learn, know your ability or push yourself to new level. Many successful scientists had failed many times before they reached their goals and proved for us that failure helped them too much.

In fact, Fai lure can be a reason to success, go forward with new skills and ability and a chance to achieve what you want. No one was born with knowledge. We should take the failure experience into consideration and learn from it.