Population Control


Population Control

In early years human population and population growth has not been an issue.

This is because of the variety of different environmental factors. Sickness and
disease has played a large role in keeping human population under control since
the beginning of time. It seemed that when a population would get over crowded
an epidemic such as, the influenza or small pox would break out. This would
drastically decrease the population enough that it would be under control again.

Famine is another great controller of population. When a famine strikes an area
only the few with enough food will be able to reproduce or even survive. An
examination of world population control would not be complete with out including
war. War also performs wonders at controlling population by murdering most men
of child rearing age. In today’s day and age, with our current technology
increases disease outbreak and famine (except in some 3rd world countries) is
not much of a factor any more. War is not considered a valid population control
method due to today’s "new" wars. Without the three largest population
controllers much of a factor anymore population is free to run out of control.

This provides us with an ever-increasing controversy; this is whether government
or society should dictate family size. I believe that society can infringe
indirect controls over family size, but these are considered more community
norms as opposed to hard fast rules such as governments can set. Two examples
will follow. First, we will look at our society. Yes, the USA’s turn to no
child and one child families. This was caused by society. Society pushes

Americans to have successful careers both male and female. There has been a
switch from families to careers. This not providing Americans with the time or
means for multiple children, but cutting the number down to one or none. Another
example of society's control, is the push in some Asian/Middle Eastern countries
for a family’s first child to be male. Even when there is no government
regulation many cultures push for your first child to be male. This forces
families to abort females and even murder them once they have been born. Once
again this is a society/cultural push not a mandated rule. These instances are
what different societies have created for themselves, when included in one of
these societies it is hard to say whether it is right or wrong. I will first
address the aspect that government should not control family size. First of all,
it is a natural and religious right to produce offspring. Breed, multiply and
populate has been the belief since the beginning of time. The idea is to grow
population so that our beliefs and way of life may be spread and passed on. Who
is government to take these right away? Governmental control over family size
goes against everything that the USA stands for. This would be an age-old idea
called freedom. When a government starts dictating the kind and size of family a
person can have. Almost all freedom is lost. Another topic briefly addressed
above is the aborting and murdering of babies that aren’t male. A first hand
example of this is China. China regulates or gives incentives to families that
only produce one child. This is where the problem begins because most families
want this child to be male. Male children are providers and will go out and join
the working world. They will be "successful". Many female babies are aborted
once sex is determined. If sex is not determined before birth, once born many
female babies are abandoned or destroyed. This showing the cruelty that
government controlled family size will push people to. Government should control
family size because in most instances the general population can not handle this
for themselves. A prime example of this is our already over crowded inner
cities. People with chemical addictions and no financial means are cranking out
babies right and left. They have no means of providing for all of these
children. Government currently provides for these under privileged children,
that as cruel as it sounds, should not have been born. I have had a first hand
example of this problem. A family friend in another state has adopted three
crack babies from the same mother; this mother is also on welfare. This certain
mother is by no means an exception. China is another example of why government
needs to control population. Look at the current problems that they are faced
with because in previous years they have done

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