Alex, have you finished the Chemistry experiment that Madam Voon gave us

No, but I?m working on it now.

Wow! You are a leftie. No wonder you always bump against my hand when we do
our homework.

Well, I?m sorry for that. You cannot blame me for being a leftie.

You know, my mum is always telling me that i?m lucky to be born a rightie. She said
that being a leftie is unimaginable! You know, life?s difficult for people like you.

Actually, it?s not too difficult for me. As a leftie I found that I am quick to adapt to
new situations due to my left-handedness problem. As for your mum, I am
accustomised to the general prejudice towards people like me. Do you know that in
polo and hockey, we lefties are prohibited from joining competitions? I mean,
that?s the way the world treats us.

I am sorry but I still think that we, righties are better equipped, with more
advantages. For example, I bet you cannot use the scissors, pruners, and even
knifes properly, can you?

I can but with a lot of effort. You know, there is one time I accidentally hurt myself,
holding the scissors the wrong way up. Besides, when I used the scissors a bit
longer than usual,my thumb and index finger will start to hurt. This is what I call,
?scissors thumb?.

I noticed that you always smear your assignment. Is that the con of being a leftie?

Yes. This is because we have to run our bottom part of our palm over our writings.
So, naturally, this will smear my assignments.

You know, you are one unlucky guy. I heard that you guys are 85% more likely to
get into a car accident, 54% more likely to be hurt whe using tools and 49% more
likely to have an accident at home. Besides, you all have an increased likelihood to
exhibit dyslexia, autism and other emotional problems.

Well, it?s not that bad to be a leftie. It is said that we are more creative that
righties. Besides, research proved that we are more endurance and can do better in
combat. Lefties also have the advantages in sports. Do you know that Lin Dan and

Rafael Nadal are both lefties. Yet, they dominate badminton and tennis arena

But lefties are left out in our world, with the ergonomic computer mouse, school
desk, and light bulb orientation being designed for righties.

You are right. But I think I fare well in this world due to the fact that we lefties are
better at multitasking and adapting. Researchers found that conversation between
the left and the right brain happens more rapidly in lefties. It is also found that
male lefties earn more than their counterparts. Besides, we play computer games
better than you guys. How?s that?

Yeah. Yeah. I admit lefties are pretty cool. Both have advantages and disadvantages
in terms of handedness. It is only up to us to utilise the good part of us to the
fullest and not to let the disadvantages haunt us. Afterall, lefties and righties are
both creatures of God, aren?t we?

Yes we are indeed. It is essential that we can accept ourselves as who we are. By
the way, have you finished your Chemistry experiment?

Oopps! I have forgotten! Look! There?s Madam Voon coming! What am I going to do?

Don?t worry, let the leftie help you!