Norin 10 In Wheat


Norin 10 In Wheat
The wheat gene, Norin 10, for example, helped developing countries like India
and Pakistan increase their wheat harvests by 60 percent. At the Wheat Research

Center in Mexico City that conducted some of this research on Norin 10, there is
an inscription on the wall when you enter the building that reads, "A
single gene has saved one hundred million lives." From 10 million tons to

70 million tons in four years. Norin 10 dwarfs wheat. ‘Norin 10,’ a cultivar
from Japan, provided two very important genes, Rht1 and Rht2, that resulted in
the reduced height (or dwarf) wheats. Better nutrient uptake and tillerage, not
to mention rocky and less irrigated American farmers grew seventy million acres
of bioengineered crops last year, the bulk of which comprised corn modified to
resist devastating fungus and Roundup Ready soybeans modified to resist a common

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