Network Design and Implementation Solution

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Network Design and Implementation Solution

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

1.1. Purpose of the Project 3

1.2. Strategic Recommendation 3

1.3. Implementation Consideration 3

1.4. Benefits of the Solution 4

2. Designing Requirements

2.1. Existing Network 5

2.2. Network Requirements 5

3. Design Solution

3.1. Proposed Network Topology 6

3.2. Hardware and Media Recommendation for the LAN 6

3.3. Hardware and Media Recommendation for the WAN 7

3.4. Network Layer Addressing and Naming Model 8

3.5. Routing and Bridging Protocols Recommendation for the

Network 9

3.6. Software Features Provisioned for the Network 9

3.7. Network Management Strategy 10

4. Summary

4.1. Benefits of Working with Cisco Systems 11

4.2. Benefits of Working with CD-INC 11

4.3. Conclusion 12

5. Appendixes

5.1. Appendix A 13

5.1.1. Professor’s benefit 13 Introduction: 13 Case Study: 13 PH Network Service Corporation 13 Company Background 13 Current Network 13 Goals for the New Network 14

5.2. Appendix B 15

5.2.1. Visio Diagrams Data Flow 15 Network Topology 16 Naming and Addressing Convention 17

5.3. Appendix C

5.3.1. Cisco Device Description 18

Executive Summary

Purpose of the Project

PH Network Service Corporation (PH) requested that CD-INC to provide a network design and implementation solution to connect four Hospitals and 120 doctor offices. PH Network Service Corporation objectives are to:
· Improve communication – transfer of the referrals
· Improve patient service
· Provide redundancy for WAN connection
· Network four hospitals and doctor offices
· Improve reliability and speed of the referrals
· Provide a suggestion for a possible back-up connection to the hospitals.

Strategic Recommendation

Timely access to information between the hospitals and the doctor offices is critical to patient care. The Network must be reliable, secure, and enable the doctors to access this system remotely from their offices with a remote access connection (RAS).

Implementation Consideration

CD-INC will design and implement entire solution. After the network is installed and functioning properly PH Network Solution will take over and provide their daily services to hospitals and doctor’s offices. CD-INC will provide training for installed equipment.

Benefits of the Solution

The solution designed by CD-INC will provide the following benefits:
· Two of their employees will be assistants in phase of developing solution (training)
· One of their employees will be involved in phase of implementation
· Training of PH staff for new installed equipment
· Improved communication – transfer of the referrals
· Improved patient service
· Redundancy for WAN connection
· Networking of the four hospitals and doctor offices
· Improved reliability and speed of the referral system
· A suggested connection for back-up hospital WAN link

Design Requirements

Existing Network

The network must be built on a limited budget.

Must be scalable for future WAN connections.

The network must work with the servers on the network.

The data must be readily available.

120 Offices transmitting data.

Table A show the Application on the Network.

Applications used by PH.

Name and Type of Application Protocols # of users # of Host/Servers Peak hours of usage

Automated referral system TCP/IP 120 1 8-12am/1-5pm

Hospital Patient Records Async - 4 8-12am/1-5pm

Patient Records from Doctor Offices Telnet - 4 8-12am/1-5pm

Network Requirements

The ISDN connections provide adequate bandwidth to support the needs of the Doctors offices connecting to the hospitals. This also means provisions must be taken to ensure more connections can be added when necessary.

An ISDN connection should also be considered for the hospital as a back-up connection to the referral system.

There are bandwidth considerations for the Windows 2000 SQL 2000 servers using a Microsoft Access front end and 2400 referrals being made each day (48000 Packets).

Figure A Data Flow of a Referral Request.

Design Solution

Proposed Network Topology

Figure B Proposed Network Topology.

Hardware and Media Recommended for the PH LAN

100-Mbps connections between the switch and the servers

10-Mbps between the switch and the end stations

The Catalyst 2828 switch
· Software upgrade to Enterprise Edition
· 4 models with 24 10BaseT ports, two slots, and choice of 2K or 8K MAC address cache
· Choice of 11 high-speed modules support 100BaseT, FDDI, and ATM
· Full-duplex operation on all ports
· Web-based network interface enables configuration and management form any client on the Internet with a web-browser.
· Congestion control features including IEEE 802.3x-based flow control, and back - pressure based flow control on 10BaseT ports

Hardware and Media Recommended for the WAN

The Cisco 3620 router at the PH Head office

LAN Interface:

NM-1E One-port Ethernet network module.

WAN Interface:

ISDN and Channeled Serial Network Modules NM-1CT1 One-port channeled 1/ISDN PRI network module

Frame Relay supported by an 8-port T1 IMA network interface

The Cisco 1004 router at the doctor’s offices

LAN Interface:

One 10BaseT Ethernet port (RJ-45)

WAN Interface:


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