Caesarean Section

Are you a pregnant mom? How would you give a birth your babies? The first thing to be considered by pregnant mom s is choosing the way to confine. Nowadays, there are many methods to do it because science has developed, but t oday's mom s prefer to give birth by caesarean section, such as in the US, in 2010 1 in 3 moms choose to give birth through caesarean section (, 2015). Another study says that, the rate of caesarean sections in the U.S. is increasing by more than 50% in the last ten year (Heather Hatfield,nd). However, they might do not know that it has positive and negative effects for themselves and the babies.
Some mom s agree that giving birth normally is noble; beside that , caesarean section has some advantages which they could not find with normally section. First, it has less risk and does not hurt mom while giving birth. Then, pregnant moms usually choose caesarean section since they can select their babies' date of birth , so they do not feel so anxiety . According to Dr. Inder (2015) "Women can choose the day, they can choose the surgeon, they know exactly how it will happen". It is supported by a statement "Women may feel more in control, because they know when their baby will be born and they can better plan for work leave". (James Brann,nd). After that, if one of them have bad condition, it would be better to choose caesarean section to decrease mortality rate for both of them.
Even if caesarean section is safe but it still has some risks. Some medical knives might injure uterine lining and some placental usually left in the reproduction system. In a a health care website "The C-section injury rates have increased with the rate of C-section procedures in the US" ( Rubby Labbisier ,nd ). It is supported by a statement "Improperly sterilized surgical tools, swabs inadvertently left inside the mother, and failure to administer antibiotics can all cause infection, which can lead to fever, and in extreme cases, death." (Judge Anthony P. Calisi, nd). Then, pregnant mom should prepare much money. Not only for paying the operation, but also the treatment.
Whatever the method, pregnant moms will face the easiness and obstacle. To sum up, if pregnant moms are suggested by the doctor to choose caesarean section and have much money, it is better to take it. But, if mom can give birth normally it might be the best way to pick.