Molding the minds of young children is a duty that cannot be taken frivolously. It is filled with obstacles, hindrances, and responsibilities. However, it is a job that is also full of enthusiasm, curiosity, and pleasure. I completely trust that all children are skilled to learn, if they have the correct inspiration and path from their teachers. As a teacher, I need to be conscious of learning, motivation, behavior, and development theories to maintain a relationship with my students and push them to achieve their full potential. It is my responsibility to make sure that all my students are being inspired; this is only fair to the students. The children need and deserve my time and full devotion in regards to their teachings.
I also want to create and maintain a safe learning environment for both the students and myself. If students do not feel comfortable in my classroom, whether it is emotionally, physically, or socially, their guards will go up and learning will significantly decline, if not shut down completely. It is vital to me that my students, as well as their parents, other teachers, administrators, and people in the community, see me as someone they can approach, who will be open-minded and unbiased.
Classroom organization is also a crucial notion to ponder when teaching. If students are in a classroom that is chaotic or set up in a way which obstructs learning, it is not a good environment for anybody. I need to discover original and creative ways to have the classroom arranged and to aid my students learning. I also trust in teaching material that is expressive, appropriate, and appealing to students. If they do not have a connection with the material that is being taught, then they will not be opened to learning it. I also believe that having positive energy levels and an optimistic attitude from the teacher are vital fundamentals to a fruitful and happy learning environment.