Justification Support
July 29, 2017
Argosy University
Kathy Brooks
July 29, 2017
Argosy University
Kathy Brooks

What is the problem being addressed by your research study?

Human trafficking is a very real problem around the world, it is captured as
modern-day slavery, and has impacted thousands of mostly women and children
globally. Human trafficking is growing faster than any other trade profiting in the
millions of dollars. So, where does the money come from, and where does it go?
The traffickers take the women and children and sell them for sexual acts of any
d egree. These women and children come from dysfunctional families, some have
lack of education, are homeless or poverty-stricken. The victims are mentally and
physically abused, and tortured sometimes to no end.
State the refined research question and hypothesis (null and alternative).
Is exploitation related to human trafficking? How do we protect people and?
assist people who have trafficked, also how do we as a people stop this source
of monetary means? Researcher's tried to find out where trafficking occurs, some
agencies will help where others do not, because we need to understand them
cultures, something that is absolute.
What are your independent and dependent variables? What are their operational definitions?
"Human trafficking involves the recruitment, transportation,
transfer, harboring or receiving a person, by threat, use of
force, coercion, or abduction for exploitation.
e xploitation shall include prostitution, f orced labor, slavery
s ervitude, use of child sol diers, or the removal of organs. "
Variables; quality or characteristics which ha ve two or more possible values.
The important variables "emerge" as data collected. Independent variable-
researcher directly manipulates, and the dependent variable is human behavior,
physical health and well - being, and quality/quantity.
Sexual trafficking: a commercial sex act that is induced by force, fraud, or
Coercion which the person is to perform.
Victims: women age 18 or older.
Resources: programs that help with jobs, education, family, housing and
everything pertaining to family and recovery for the victim.
Who will be included in your sample (i.e., inclusion and exclusion characteristics)?
Snowball sampling will be used to find a hidden population, meaning these
Participants do not make their cho ice to be seen, or tell their st ory. As in the
technique we would identify one participant who meets the needs for research
then go from there getting names and numbers, like an assembly line , for the
potential of twenty participants. Inclusion and exclusion characteristics to use;
educational materials used to inform, educate, or guidance for health
professionals on human trafficking (e.g. identification, treatment ,
documentation, and prevention).
How many participants will you have in your sample?
I would like to have at least twenty participants to start, but more
likely end up with ten to start to see how it goes. I would like to end with
around fifty. Maybe I should start with ten then add more.
How will you recruit your sample?
Recruiting should be easy as I would go through government agencies
to find programs that deal with human trafficking, their victims.
Identify the type of measurement instrument to be used to collect the raw
Numeric data to be statistically analyzed and the type of measurement
data the instrument produces .
Data at ordinal level there might be differences the data , such as
most/least satisfied. Ordinal-level is used to order participants on
differences but unequal spacing between participants. There is no
order to it. We will need the variables defined; human trafficking, sex
trafficking, victims, and resources,
What issues will you cover in the informed consent?
Prior to interview, and following the information of the study, the
participants were asked for written consent. They could ask questions first, so a decision could be made whether to go along with
the inter view, knowledge is better before- hand. The consent form will
make it clears as to what the study is about. It also covers all
confidentially of the participant. All data will be looked at to understand
the relationship to each category discussed. Issues to cover will be
quite personal; asking how it happened to become a victim, what age
did it first happen, what was life like being trafficked, what kind of