Metamorphous, Relating To A Personal Incident

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Metamorphous, Relating To A Personal Incident

Twenty minutes had past since I was set on to the table to dry. I
did not want to dwell upon my fears which were inevitable to
occur, so I could do nothing but observe all the minute details
that were once so trivial and overlooked but now seemed to be of
such great importance. The first thing to catch my eye was
the lighting in the room, I was not sure if the lights were set
to be dim or if it was from all the clouds of exhaled smoke which
also left a distinct smell of the burnt herb. To my left I saw
the many burnt out roaches in the ash tray, which at this point
could hold nothing more. To the far right I saw a sandwich
bag which was now packed with nothing but broken branches and
seeds. It was obvious what used to be inside. I looked toward the
door and saw the towel that plugged it so no smoke would get out
in the hall. On the dresser I saw what I think they called a
steam roller. The most horrid device that I had ever used.

I looked at the cylindrical tube, that once used to be a
transparent red but now had become a solid maroon from all the
smoke which stained the plastic, and noticed its simplicity. It
looks like nothing more than a plastic pipe that was only about
one and a half inches in diameter and only about six inches long.

The bowl which rested on top could have been easily assembled at
a hardware store. It amazes me how something could be so simple
but still so destructive.

One of the people in the room slowly approached me as the effects
of his artificial happiness wore away. His trembling hands
somehow managed to embrace me by my head and lay me to rest upon
his lower lip. Before his upper lip came to rest upon the top of
my head I opened my eyes and peered into his mouth using what
little light I had. In all my like I had never thought I would
again see what I had saw for those few seconds. His tongue was
stained black. It was not totally black as if it was coated with
tar but it had a slight tint on both the sides, almost purple.

Just as I started to realize what I was seeing and what was going
on I felt his top lip seal my freedom away. I started to feel a
strong burning sensation at my bottom where my toes once were.

When I heard the sound of buds start to crack I knew what was
occurring, the beginning of my end. As I laded there helplessly I
began to feel large amounts of smoke pulse quickly up my shaft of
a body till finally ejaculated in his mouth like a penis reaching
climax. Next the vacuum began. I started to become faint as he
forced more and more smoke out my upper opening. And I knew the
more smoke that ran through me meant the more I was decreasing in

Then the young boy could hold no more smoke in his lungs he
pulled me away from his lips and held me tight with his thumb
underneath my head and his forefinger and middle-finger embracing
my top. Then he tilted his head back and instead of forcing the
smoke out he just let it flow by itself. It amazed me to see such
beautiful shapes form from something that would bring the end to
this poor souls existence. He then brought me back to his mouth
and began to take my sweat poison deep into his exhausted lungs
at this point I was almost all gone. I had become a small roach
with a long tail of ash. I had one last long drag left in me. As
he tool me in I knew it was the end of both of us... As Cas and I
rode up the elevator I could see that he had been anticipating to
come up here all week.

Every weekend it was the same old thing over and over again. Me
and Cas would come up to this filthy burnt out old city to do the
same thing; to get lifted. "Yo, Happy said he get mad amount of
shit this week. His brother went up to New York and broke off
like two "O^Os" for him. We goin’ to get crazy fucked

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