Maslow And Dostoyevski


Maslow And Dostoyevski

Maslow suggested that a person lacking food, love, and self esteem would most
likely hunger for food the most. Yet on the other hand the novelist Dostoyeski
viewed this issue in an entirely different matter. He wrote that without a firm
idea of himself and the purpose of his life, man cannot live even if surrounded
with bread. These are two very debatable points in which may be argued upon for
years. First of all, I would like to share my view of this issue as a whole. I
believe the point that the novelist Dostoyeski made, (that a good life is more
cravable than food,) is more likely to be true in most matters. The reason I
think this way is because I couldn't see myself not having a plan on what to do
next in life. I always have to have an idea in mind about what is going to come
up next in my life or I will have a horrible feeling of unsecureness and
probably not be a very stable person. A good example of this is college. I have
know clue what I want to be in life but I am sure that in a couple years down
the road from now I will be studying hard in college working on a future career.

Knowing this always makes me feel good about myself. Furthermore, I always have
to know were I stand whether it be in a popularity status, school status, or
even a family one! With out a firm idea of those issues I would probably go
crazy and not even know what the word food meant. So in conclusion to Destoyeski
quote, I believe that everyone has a place and a purpose in life, yet if a
person doesn't know were they stand or their purpose in life who are they??? And
this is why I believe that knowing yourself, your standards, and goals is more
important critically speaking because without those all you would have in your
life is food! Secondly I would like to lay a few points down on why I believe

Maslow's point is less valuable than Dostoyevski. I believe that Maslows point
is to be more literally taken. Without food of course we can not survive. Hunger
is a natural instinct and our mind just automatically says to us, you must eat,
and gives you a strong feeling of hunger. Knowing were you are going in life,
were you stand, and who you are, is very important because not knowing were you
are going in life, were you stand, and who you are, will leave you with just one
thing. (FOOD) So in conclusion to the two issues I wrote about, I strongly have
to go with Dostoyevski's point just because life is all about going places, even
if it is just going out onto the street and living as a bum. Allot of people set
goals yet never quite accomplish them. That doesn't mean their life is meaning
less, it just shows that their life is lacking motivation. And so that is why I
think a meaning less life would be a lot worse than starvation.

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