Luka Lacommande KCW 20th century November 3
After taking a second look at the 3 events you told me to revise, I realized that the assassination attempt of Reagan could be placed into the cold war category. The true definition of terrorism is ‘' the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims'', but this assassination attempt wasn't in pursuit for political aims. The shooter, John Hinckley, got his motivation from the movie, Taxi Driver, where an actor attempts an assassination on a political candidate. This movie and scene completely influenced this man to lead him to try to assassinate Reagan. This event wouldn't be a medical advancement, nor any type of advancement and not a world conflict. It simply happened during the cold war and the US continued its plans about the cold war not long after.
About Magic Johnson's HIV announcing, I would replace this event into medical advancements instead of world conflicts. It would sort of fit into world conflicts because it shocked everyone but it wasn't something that could be turned into a third world war for. Before his announcement, everybody assumed that HIV could only get caught if 2 males have intercourse, but it would be impossible for this man to have HIV because he would be seeing women from left to right. He actually got this disease by having an intercourse with a woman. His announcement led to deepened researched about HIV. Now people knew how you could get it and how to avoid it. Also treatments were discovered to facilitate the curing process.
Thirdly, after clearly reading Rodney Kings beating, it made me change my perception a little of in which category it should be placed in. As I said in the previous paragraph, it wasn't an event that could've caused a world war. I would place this in the equality between races category. Or even both. Mostly the equality between races but also in the world conflicts. The officers who beat up King excessively exaggerated on the fact that he was a colored man, believing that he was a ‘'minority.'' It led to make people realise what the police would do to the colored people and alarmed the people. They started to believe more into the fact that no matter what color, religion, ethnicity or gender that a human is a human. We're the same. What makes me believe that this is a world conflict is that racism is still alive. Take an example, Donald Trump and all of his fat-redneck-stupid-ignorant-stinking supporters. They are the pure definition and proof that racism is still there and it is still a major world conflict. Discrimination is well and alive.
Fourthly, following a further research, I matched the Terracotta Army discovery with Scientific Advancements because scientists went down there in the ground and discovered how they built every single individual solider, every weapon and every single item. They discovered the material that the builders used. Several precious metals were used such as gold and bronze. After investigation, it even helped today's science with techniques. Personally, I would classify this as a world wonder because of it's simply amazing! With the little knowledge they had, who knew that they would be capable of building something like that? We're talking a few hundred centuries.
Muhammed Ali can easily be classed in equality between races category. He wasn't only a professional fighter but a big hearted man. Being colored, he was considered a minority for a big part of his life. Discriminated because he is black, told no because he is black and more. During his professional career, he joined the radical black civil rights movement in goal to equalize the races in society.
Lorenna Bobbitt would be placed in the women's rights category because after this really weird event, the people had pity for the man who got his penis cut off. The thing is, the man would beat up his wife constantly, in the end he kind of actually deserved this. This alarmed people about domestic abuse that men did on their wives. Women were slowly getting recognized in court about being abused by their husbands and the government start to act upon that.
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