Luka Lacommande Assignment 10
3b) i) spacing out: When someone is talking to you and you're in the moon or the opposite.
ii) pretend listening: You're barely listening, just enough to be able to have a short response to the speaker.
iii) selective listening: only listening to what interests you and the rest you ignore.
iv) Only listening to the words, neglecting any body language.
vi) Seeing everything from your own point of view.
3c) i) Advice: give a suggestion to someone based on a previous experience
ii) Judge: When you're judging, you're not really paying attention.
iii) Probe: Trying to get someone to talk about their emotions when they ‘re not ready too.
e) 40% tone and 53% body language
f) i)

g) Really paying attention to what the person says.
-Actually feeling what the person is going through
- Repeating what the other person is saying.
4a) Sometimes I stare into their eyes but not during the whole conversation because I start feeling uncomfortable.
b) A hormone in your body that controls your body's metabolism and immune response. You can control it with your diet, when you reduce stress, when you work out frequently etc.
c) I often get lost in what the person is saying and I need to ask them politely to repeat what they just said so I can understand.
d) Because Trudeau made sure that Trump wasn't going to pull him towards him.
e) I stay neutral, everything mostly goes on in my head. People say that I'm a calm person because I don't really show my emotions.