Leopracy (decease)

title = Leopracy (decease)

Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease that affects the skin and the mucous membranes,

especially those in the nose and in the peripheral nervous system. Leprosy is not usually fatal,

however, patients with untreated infections may develop crippled hands and or feet. Leprosy

results from infection by a rod-shaped bacterium called mycobacterium leprae, sometimes

known as hansens bacillus.

Leprosy infections occurs primarily in human beings, armadillos, chimpanzees and

Mangabey monkeys. Researchers do not know how the bacteria is transmitted. Evidence show

it is caused by inhaling the bacteria or from skin to skin contact. Leprosy resist infection and

develop immunity after this exposure. Only a few develop the disease.

Symptoms of leprosy typically appear three to five years after infection. The cheif

symptoms of leprosy include white or reddish patches of skin, the loss of feeling in the skin and

thickened nerves. The skin may also thicken, and dark lumps may appear on many parts of the


If this disease is not treated, nerves can become severely damaged, causing weekness

in the hands and or feet. As a result the fingers and toes may curl inward. If M. leprae enter the

eyes, a painful inflamation called iritis can occur. In severe casas, the bacteria can cause


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