Jurassic Park

A stormy night, off the coast of Costa Rica, a young man is admitted into a hospital
with a wound caused by a small, reptilian animal. He is diagnosed with severe nausea and
some sort of blood poisoning. The man dies leaving the doctors with a problem of deciphering
the origin of the disease and what it is. On the same island, approximately 20 miles north, a
family is taking a vacation from their normal life in the city. Among these people, is a young
girl with a knack for drawing and curiosity for animal life. This young girl believes that her
family will spot a sloth, which is the only mammal left on her list of animals to see. As she
wanders off she stumbles upon a small lizard that she's never seen before and begins sketching
the creature. The small animal seems to feel threatened so it attacks the girl in defense. The
girl gets taken to a hospital for many of the same symptoms the young man was facing. Allen
Grant, a paleontologist, with his girlfriend Elly Sadler, is on the verge of discovering the most
intact fossil of his favorite dinosaur, the velociraptor. When the two decide to start
celebrating, they are visited by a very intelligent scientist, John Hammond. Hammond brings
along a proposal that the two come with him to his special new park for an evaluation period.
Of course, the two accept and board his helicopter, where there are two others waiting: Ian
Malcolm, a scientist of chaos theory, and one of Hammond's lawyers. The helicopter escorts
the crew to the small island, privately owned by Hammond, and upon landing Sadler discovers
a plant species that has been extinct for millions of years. Their amazement is doubled when
the jeep they are driving in is greeted by a friendly brachiosaurus: a dinosaur. ?Welcome to
Jurassic Park,? Hammond proposes as everyone faints from their astonishment. Upon their
arrival to the interpretive center, Hammond is greeted by his grandchildren, Tim and Lex- sent
because of parental problems. To make the dinosaurs, Hammond has a crew of scientist
excavate fossilized amber with remains of prehistoric mosquitoes that have dino blood and use
that blood to get the ?building blocks of life, dino DNA.? With the mixture of the dino DNA
and the DNA from frogs in Africa, the dinosaurs are made. Grant and crew take two little tour
vans through the park, discovering the many dinosaurs that the park has to exhibit, including
the dreaded T-Rex and velociraptors. Because the entire park is automated, except the
exhibits, there are people to keep up with the running of all the electrical fences and
vehicles-one of these people is Dennis Nedry. Nedry is hired to obtain several dinosaur
embryos for a large corporation who would like these little gold mines. In order to maintain
this goal he has to shut down all of the parks power. In the mean time, because of the lack of
dinosaurs in the exhibits, Elly travels out of the vans and ventures down a path where lies a
sick triceratops. Elly stays behind with the vet and everyone else gets back into the vans.
Back near the T-Rex exhibit, the power is shut off and Nedry breaks for the cold storage,
leaving the tourists stranded near a highly dangerous animal who breaks from his enclosure and
kills the lawyer, injurs Malcolm and strands Grant with Tim and Lex: in another area of the
park, Nedry takes his embryos to his jeep and heads for the docks, but looses control and gets
killed by a dilophosaurus. Grant and kids make their way back to the interpretive center, and
discover that the dinosaurs are breeding. Malcolm gets taken back with Sadler to Hammond
where they turn the power back on and reunite with Grant, Tim and Lex. The group escapes
the island and plan to destroy it.