Ivanhoe By Walter Scott


Ivanhoe By Walter Scott

While reading the book Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott I have come to the conclusion
that Scott criticizes the church a lot. By some of the quotes by various
characters show that he has some type of grudge towards the church. In the
following paragraphs I will give several examples of his criticism. One example
of the criticism of the church is when the Grand Master was talking at the
trial. He said: "You are aware that we might well have refused this woman the
benefit of the trail by combat; but, though a Jewess and an unbeliever, she is
also a stranger and defenseless, and God forbid that she should ask the benefit
of our mild laws and that should be refused to her" This is just one of many
that the Grand Master is accusing and not letting the trial be fair because

Rebecca is a Jew. This shows that many of the churchman would lie to save their
one life. I am led to believe that the only reason why they turned Rebecca in
for being a witch is because they wanted to save one of their own (Brian).

Another example of the criticism of the church is the appearance of Brian and

Brother Aymer. They both seemed to be rich and since all people involved in the
church are supposed to live with fewer advantages they aren’t supposed to be
rich. We knew that they were rich because the brother had many servants and
people with him. The brother was also over weight so it should that he indulged
a lot even though he wasn’t supposed to. Then when Wamba tricked them by
saying one direction and pointing the other. Scott was trying to say that
obviously the two churchman that Wamba encountered were not that bright. Then
there was the time when Ulrica was talking to Cedric about her past. She said:

"This castle, for ten years, has opened to no priest save the debauched Norman
chaplain who partook the nightly revels of Front-de-Boeuf, and he has been long
gone to render an account of his stewardship. But thou art a Saxon---a Saxon
priest, and I have one question to ask of thee" Then she goes on saying how
priests have come and gone not even noticing the pain she was going through.

Since Ulrica’s past was so awful she has always has always hated her because
they have never helped her when she needed them the most. Though in Ivanhoe
there were many examples of criticism but it would take awhile to name all of
them. It was obvious that Scott didn’t exactly like the church. The strange
thing that I keep on thinking about is why he didn’t like the church. I think
that there is probably a good reason but most people don’t even know about it.

Still he made his point in the book.

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