It was the year 3000. The world was just coming out of another major war, World War Four. It has been a little over a year since the war ended. Things are recovering nicely. My older brother T.S. was recruited, he survived. We were happy to see him come home. School has just started back again, things have changed, the teachers seem to be very timid and quiet, they have hardly given us any homework. A lot of people I know have lost their families, I'm lucky to still have my family. None of my close friends were effected either, my friends and I are all well off, we could afford not to get hurt. This was are last year in school. We were to graduate in four months; then we would never have school again.

The month before school ended, some talk about the Hitler of World War Four was afoot. See, what this man tried to do was take over the world with an army of ?zombies.? Actually they weren't really zombies, they were normal people, but with chips in their head. But, this man, Alexander, couldn't just get a lot of people to volunteer to be zombies, so he tried to take over a small country. The country was Kerblakistan. He actually did take quite a few prisoners, and he also had quite a few allies, they were Japan, Germany, and China, they were all promised the world. But, the rest of the world was against him, us being the most powerful. We completely destroyed Japan and Germany. This was no large war, the smallest of all the world wars.

So, rumor has it that Alexander, who disappeared after the war, was back at the same old stuff again. He is said to have taken the soldiers from the war, to turn into his zombies. The government was not ready to deal with, or look into this, after this war. But, there has been speculation on what could happen. So, here we are at home, my friend Jay, and my brother T.S. and I. We had just heard on the news that Alexander has assembled an army and has just invaded the northwest coast. He has not killed many people, but only taken them prisoner. The army has had unsuccessful attempts to stop him, being worn from the war. Alexander's army was growing larger and larger, the zombies were not unstoppable but close to it.

So, we all get in my car and head down to the army surplus store. Being an ex-soldier, my brother was entitled to buy any weapons he wanted, on top of the ones he already had. He bought us two guns apiece, and since Jay's parents were in space, he would be sticking with us. We bought some food rations and headed home, there was so much commotion, I'm glad we had an early start. We got to my brother's apartment, and turned on the news. We packed duffel bags with our weapons, food, clothing, and gas masks. We were preparing for something the world has never seen before. Then, we hopped in bed for a restless sleep.

We awoke in the early morning to commotion outside. We saw no one, except for people walking aimlessly in the streets and police cars. It looks like the worst was happening, we locked the doors, ran downstairs, we notice there were no radio, or television communications. We boarded the windows and bolted the doors as best we could. Jay kept watch while we ate?and planned?for what would take place. After we had all eaten, we took a sheet of titanium from the attic, we all went down to the basement, with everything we needed and shut ourselves in with the titanium.

We were down there for days, we just about went insane. The power was turning off and on for long periods of time. That was the worst. We were hearing things outside, horrible things, gunshots, screams all of it. We gathered our bravery, and began to cut a whole in the titanium. We got into the upper house, only to find it broken into. But, nothing was gone. So we felt endangered and decided to venture out. We drove around, being chased the whole time,