India-Now and Then


India-Now and Then

My report is on India. India is a place very different from ours. Not many have deeply explored this culture and yet we desire more. I hope to clear up and explain the history, religion, and culture of India. As I have researched.

The history of India is a long and proud one. Though the nation in quite poor it has been able to withstand the tests of time. Then it developed the caste system. A sytem of dividing people into groups. Well, it is still around today but we will discuss that later. The country started by poeple migrating to it. Many of the old customs developed back then like you are not truly part of a family or caste until you marry and have a child still remain today.

There are two major religions practiced in India. They are Buddhism and Hinduism. Yet, you are aloud to worship any god you please and are encouraged to. And this right is garaunteed under their constitution. And people mostly group and talk among one another with their own religion. Wich is sad stoping people from bonding with others of other religions.

The culture of India differs very much from ours. Especially the caste system wich was explained above. There are rules that go along with being in a caste. Some are you may not eat with a person of higher or lower caste, you may not sit with a person of higher or lower caste, you may not marry a person of higher or lower caste, and you can not have a child with someone of a higher or lower caste. Also the highest caste has to be generous to the lower castes while the lower castes have to be very generous to the higher caste.

In closing I hope you now explain a little more about India and it people, customs, culture, and religion.  

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