Human nature, some say its what elevates us to a higher plain of conciseness, what separates us from animals. Others, however, say that human nature is the exact thing that holds us back, keeps us from evolving. Man is such a complex animal, full of contradictions and inconsistencies; it seems impossible for us to fully understand its nature. But to unlock the secrets of human nature is to discover the origins of both good and evil. So, never the less, we try because if we ever want to move forward we need to know what is driving us.
The human mind is full of vast extremes. It possesses the capacity for unconditional love; yet at the same time it is capable of blind hatred. It's this actuality that makes it so hard to figure out. The lowliest person will have moments, however brief and fleeting, of great compassion and selflessness. As will the most virtuous of us will have moments of pure greed and callousness. If even our most extreme cases, for good and for bad both show the frailties of the other how are we to perceive them.
To understand the good and the evil of our nature you must first break down our psyche to its most elemental needs. Despite our high opinion of our species we are still animals and are still subject to our survival instincts. We are at the top of the food chain; we didn't get there by being passive, we got there by killing anything that stood in our way. So why is it now we are surprised and appalled to see a member of our species doing the exact same thing our ancestors did in order to get us here.
We as a people and as a society have made laws and set moral codes which we use to define a persons actions. If this is the scale on which we will measure a person's virtue then we are all born bad; but it's the extent we take it to that makes us evil. The laws we create and the codes we set are to protect us agents the aspects of our nature that we most fear. But by outlawing something it doesn't mean it will go away. The kill or be killed mentality is every bit as strong in us as our need to nurture our young. It is a part of us, to deny it is to deny who we are.
Animals too have basic survival instincts but theirs end the minute the have what they need to get bye. With few exceptions, they don't steel from each other food when their belly is already full; they don't kill out of hate or out of greed. When they have reached their saturation point they have enough sense to sit and enjoy it.
Human nature is different; human nature is the drive to succeed. It is the need and the desire to be the best. Its that want that pushes us to our greatest achievements both as individuals and as a society; but it's the same drive that brings out the worst in us all. That passion, that exigency to be best is what makes us step over or on everyone who is in our way. We go way past what we need, we even go past what we want, we go right to whatever we can get. Our greed mixed with our self-richesness is what makes us evil.