Children are easy to follow their parents' behavior because they don't have a sense of values they are lacking of ability to judge right and wrong by themselves. If parents show their violence in front of their children will grow up with the idea that physical violence in the only the way to solve their own anger and frustration.

As far as I know, most children's role models are their parents. If children see their parents react when parents are angry and beat their children or each other, the children will memorize this violence and try to behave like their parents. Although these utterances are confined to rather limited area, they do represent the products of some of Hitler's mental processes and consequently give me some clues to what goes on behind those much discussed eyes of which Robert G. L. Waite write:

Then one night, when he was about three years old, Adolph saw-or imagined he saw-a scene of horror: his inebriated father attacked his mother and did something terrible and strange to her. And, most awful of all, she seemed to enjoy it.

I know of many cases that the present character of an individual is the product of an evolutionary process, the beginnings of which are to be found in infancy. The very earliest experiences in the lifetime of the Hitler is gradually structured as the individual passes through successive stages of development and is exposed to the demands and influences of the world around him.

The physical punishment only produces obedient children but cannot them from becoming violent or sick. adults precisely because of his treatment. When Hitler saw his father attacked his mother, at these moment his brain was already being fully developed. It is was-dependent, needing loving stimulation for child from his first day on. The ability a person's brain can develop depend on experiences in the first three years of life.

Hitler's criminal outcome seems to be connected with a childhood that didn't provide any helping witness, that was a place of constant threat and fear. In the mind of three years old Hitler while he was watching the dying people and horses and listening to the children screaming for help on the long walk to the shelter. Small children can go unsecured even through bomb-raids if they feel safe in the arms of their parents.

Hitler was hardly aware of the fact that the main sources of his imagination were deeply hidden in his early childhood. Anyone addressing the problem of child abuse is likely to be faced with a very strange finding: It has been observed again and again that parents who tend to maltreat and neglect their children do it in ways which resemble the treatment they endured in their own childhood, without any conscious memory of their early experiences. Alois Hitler sexually abuse the Hitler is usually unaware of the fact that he had himself suffered the same abuse.

There are a few friends around me, who have violent parents. I heard it from them that their parents often quarrel, yell and even fight each other. Then, I could find some their strange characters. They sometimes show me such violent behavior. And they get mad so easily, so some other friends dislike them or are afraid of them. This demonstrates that children who are raised by violent parents will have a problem in their social life. Therefore, in order for children to learn to behave properly, they need a peaceful and violence-free family environment.

In conclusion, Waite narration of the Alois attacked his mother show me that he thinks a child's youth is very important period to be an upright person. If people want their children to be raised properly, they should be very careful with their behavior, such as beating throwing and yelling in front of their children.

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