The Influence of the Atlantic Slave Trade in Africa

Africa was strongly influenced by the European culture in many ways, starting with the Atlantic slave trade. All of Africa was influenced in different ways. The north was more heavily impacted from the slave trade. While the south tried avoiding every bit possible from it.
North Africa started to get influenced by the slave trade when they started trading slaves for guns. This was a major factor for African cultures because they were getting corrupted with the power they were receiving with the guns. African groups were attacking neighboring groups and capturing and trading them for more guns. The warfare within Africa has increased due to all the slave trading. African groups started to rely on Europeans. This was making some african groups change their own customs trying to be more like the Europeans. African groups took some ideas from socializing with the Europeans during their trades. Africans started taking Europeans court system, hierarchy and tried building a palace similar to the Palace of Versailles. This also brought some wealth to african groups . Europeans started taking some african culture back to their land. Europeans loved the art of the african cultures and traded for art too.  

All these changes to African cultures and groups were based on influences from the europeans throughout the Atlantic slave trade.
South Africa also had some encounters with ideas being brought through the slave trade. South Africa was all fine until 1652 when the Dutch east India Comp. arrived at cape hope. They started enslaving local africans . The whole idea of slaves in South Africa was new and they didn't know what to do. Then in 1795 England seizes the cape of good hope . African culture already started to change. The dutch didn't want to leave and they ended up just moving more north creating 2 new countries within South Africa. Shaka zulu chiefdom immediately acted to this new idea arriving to the land. He wanted to avoid any new influences brought from the slave trade. No guns were aloud in south africa . Shaka's plan was to unite africa and fight back and avoid every new custom arriving to the land. Some groups agreed to Shakas and fought back the british with spears and shields. They did this all to avoid they influences that were being brought through the slave trade.
All Of Africa was very strongly influenced by the Atlantic Slave trade. While some of africa accepted the new ideas other groups tried avoiding all of them. This brought tons of warfare within africa and new ideas african groups weren't ready for.